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By | March 4, 2020

On Monday, the people’s President Advocate Nelson Chamisa apparent the Citizens Amalgamation for Change as the new name of the people’s movement. Our old name had been pilfered and Zanunised by the political pirates of our time. The old casting had appropriately become baneful and had been bastardised by the absolutism and its paid surrogates.

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The Mnangagwa administering has able and redefined the art of stealing. They accept gone one bigger than artlessly burglary State funds and the country’s all-inclusive mineral wealth. They accept gone added than artlessly burglary the approaching of our accouchement and the abode of the country’s citizenry. They are now burglary brands and name-tags.

It charge about be absolutely declared from the alpha that while the administering can annex our name, it can never abduct our political fortunes and our destiny. Chamisa’s behemothic political success and massive followership in the countryside can never and will never be affected and pasted on a bare political template.

The affliction and scars of the past

True, accident your accomplished is a aching enterprise. It has not been accessible to breach abroad from our history. As President Chamisa said beforehand in the week, annulment is aching and so too has been our disengagement from the MDC brand—a casting we had stoically, selflessly and absolutely congenital over the years.

Sometimes aback a casting has been atrociously breakable by dizzying betrayal and systemic infiltration, there is no advantage but to let go, behindhand of how aching the action of disengagement could be.

On Monday, we alien a new casting on the political market. Ever aback that apocalyptic day aback the aboveboard Morgan Komichi accidentally and apparently anon let the cat out of the bag by adage that the MDC-T had become the MDC Alliance and would challenge approaching elections beneath that name, it became bright that he was artlessly the advocate of the regime. We knew this was an apocalyptic admonishing from a piranha administering that has captured all institutions including the judiciary.

The band-aid could alone be political and not legal. Aback then, a new character was consistently advancing and it was alone a bulk of time and timing. Aback ambidextrous with an entrenched, arduous and securocratic administering such as ours, timing is of the essence. This explains the aftermost minute, abruptness advertisement of the new name which befuddled alike the impervious walls of Hades.

Behold the New. But alike as we blueprint a new direction, our almanac and history in the autonomous attempt charcoal can’t be nicked. The administering should apperceive that they can abduct our name but they cannot abduct or pickpocket our history and our autonomous credentials.

The affliction and blister of accident the past

Earlier in the week, President Chamisa batten about the affliction of divorce. My aide and above aide Alex Magaisa wrote about the sunk bulk aberration and what he referred to as our abhorrence to rebrand because of the huge advance we accept alone and collectively invested in the MDC casting over the years.

Indeed, over time we accept sunk huge investments in the MDC brand. That advance was material, monetary, bread-and-butter and psychological. In such situations, it is consistently difficult to let go. But if it were a marriage, aback the added accomplice becomes a consecutive philanderer and an unrepentant adulterer, , there is no advantage but to let go. In our case, our colleagues had brought Zanu PF on the betrothed political bed, accepting trinkets and added treasures to advertise out the people’s struggle.

When you accept a allegedly MDC abode actuality attentive by the badge and the army, again you will apperceive that it’s absolutely not the casting into which Morgan Tsvangirai and best of us invested so abundant and absent so much. At that point, you again say to yourself conceivably it is time to let go.

And that is absolutely what we accept done.

I accept been attractive at my wardrobe. The bulk of branded political accoutrement that has aback become anachronistic is shockingly huge. It explains the adjournment in absolution go, until it has accordingly become all-important to do so, as has now happened.

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For all her excoriation, my bitter animal calculus has consistently altogether accepted Lot’s wife (Genesis 19 wese 26). On the eve of the abolition of Sodom and Gomorrah, she angry and looked back, in animosity of God’s apprenticeship not to do so. But at a claimed level, I accept consistently accepted Lot’s wife, from the position of my animal mortality.

Imagine you accept lived in a burghal all your life. One day, that burghal is about to be destroyed. All your friends, relatives, aunts and uncles are all in that city. Again a voice, whatever its immortality, tells you to leave and not to about-face back. A animal actuality is a actual actuality and any accustomed actuality would accept had a able affection to attending back, as Lot’s wife did.

But of course, animal backbone has a limit. There is a point area alike the bitter being’s calculus exhorts them to move on and leave the annihilation abaft them.

We accept taken that adventurous accommodation to leave the aged MDC casting that has gone afire in the huge damaging bonfire of political treachery.

Citizens Amalgamation for Change : The Key Tenets

1 . Centralising the citizen

Our new political appearance places the aborigine at the centre of all decisions and the civic discourse. For Zanu PF, the political aristocratic and their anchored acolytes such as Kuda Tagwireyi are at the agriculture canal while the blow of the country are at the ambit of all political considerations and transactions. The new political administering we accept taken seeks to about-face that by agreement the aborigine at the centre of the country’s political matrix.

In short, the aborigine is the new bill of our politics.

At the centre of all our accomplishments and discourse, the aborigine is the master. The citizen’s health, their education, their accepted welfare, their abode and the approaching of their children, are all important affairs that affair us as a administering and as a movement.

Where the aborigine is the master, you don’t annihilate them, you don’t abduct them, you don’t brutalise them, you don’t abduct from them, you don’t booty abroad their rights and abode and you don’t underpay them as civilian agents alive for your government.

The aborigine is our cardinal. The citizen’s apropos are our key political business. The citizens accept aback converged and they accept now acutely coalesced about an accepted adventure to transform their country.

The citizens are the blueprint of our backroom and in 2023, they are absolutely activity to accomplish a actual cogent account that will redefine the backroom of this country.

2 . Accord in diversity

Yet addition key assumption of the new administering we accept taken is that all citizens behindhand of their assortment abide a key agency in our politics.

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Ours is a amalgamation of citizens and not political affair members. Our aborigine movement is bigger than political affair labels.

The Zimbabwean citizens, whatever their creed, gender, trade, association or political amalgamation are at the epicentre of our backroom and they are appropriately acceptable to comedy their allotment in acceptable Zimbabwe for change in 2023.

The citizens are bigger than political parties and that is why association and aborigine ascribe is now a key and basic allotment of all our processes, including applicant alternative during elections.

The association of citizens above the political affair are a college and nobler cardinal. The strictures of political affair associates are too attenuated and too bare to abode the key challenges of avant-garde politics. The aborigine and the broader community— above the biased analogue of affair membership—are not calmly corruptible. They are not purchasable. Therein lies the adherence of citizen-driven politics.

The Citizens Amalgamation for Change is a akin article of accustomed people—an amalgamation of the ethos, hopes and aspirations of accustomed Zimbabweans who accept been violated, aged and repressed but whose constant adventure is to accomplish the best for their country and approaching generations.

The aborigine is not necessarily a political affair affiliate but an accustomed actuality who shares the eyes of a new abundant Zimbabwe with jobs, affordable apprenticeship and healthcare; a country area alone and aggregate rights and abode are not alone adequate but upheld.

Our aborigine movement will beggarly that the 2023 acclamation will pit Mr Mnangagwa and Zanu PF adjoin the accustomed citizens and their constant but annoyed aspirations. In the abutting watershed election, it will be Mnangagwa adjoin the people; Mnangagwa adjoin the citizens.

We are creating a aborigine movement adjoin this callous, blah regime. Ours is a huge aborigine movement of a mobilised citizenry adjoin the regime.

Similarly, there will be no political parochialism adjoin this regime. There will be accord in the assortment of the country’s people.

The Citizens Amalgamation for Change will abbreviate a huge movement in which the assorted accustomed citizens’ apropos will be robustly championed and articulated.

The accomplished aim will be to ensure that the 2023 election ushers in a new administering that brings aback to the centre the whims and caprices of the accustomed citizen.

3 . The aborigine as a assemble above the political party

The point needs to be restated that the aborigine movement goes above a political party. It is a far abundant college basal that appeals to the accepted citizenry above a political affair card.

As the Holy Book says, ” There is neither Jew nor Greek ; bondservant nor chargeless , macho nor changeable , for you are all one in Christ Jesus .” (Galatians 3 ballad 28).

Blank template of a retro newspaper. Folded cover page of a news Inside Blank Old Newspaper Template

Similarly, there is no best any political affair distinction. The citizens as a united, aggregate article accept coalesced to win Zimbabwe for change.

Name-change as a arrangement for blessings : the biblical experience

Zimbabwe is a God-fearing nation and ours is an appropriately God-fearing movement led by a people’s President who is a man of God. President Chamisa’s adage has consistently been that afterlife is agreed by God and no bitter actuality can chantry or change what the Lord has casting in stone.

The biblical acquaintance shows that on the eve of blessings, God has consistently exhorted a name-change.

In a contempo meeting, the people’s President gave the archetype of Saul who became Paul and a Jacob who became Israel afore they were showered with blessings and different talents. In the bible, name-change has generally been a arrangement for one to be adored and to accept behemothic blessings.

For me, the seminal archetype of the name-change acquaintance was aback God ordered Abram to change his name to Abraham and his wife to change her name from Sarai to Sarah. That was God’s arrangement for him to absolve Abraham by adding him awfully and absolution his birth while a renamed Sarah, about hitting 100 years of age, was afterwards adored with her alone son, Isaac afterwards her name-change.

As we rename and rebrand; as we go chicken and gold on the eve of a acute ejection, God is about to battery the blue bodies of this country with behemothic blessings.

By claiming he is the MDC Alliance President, Douglas Mwonzora anticipation he could abduct Nelson Chamisa’s political blessing. Like the biblical Jacob (Genesis 35 ballad 15) who claimed he was Esau in adjustment to abduct his brother’s blessing, Mwonzora anticipation he could try his luck at name-nicking in the achievement that his political fortunes would be enhanced. We ambition him able-bodied in his devilish endeavour.


The new has appear and the new is exciting. We are absolutely on the eve of a huge seismic about-face of the country’s political terrain.

We accept approved to assemble a huge aborigine movement to complete the democratisation activity in this country.

Zimbabweans bodies accept waited too continued for this.

We accept approved to accompany aback the aborigine to the centre of political decisions and the political abode in the country.

Fellow Zimbabweans, the approaching is yellow. The approaching is gold. And the approaching is bold.

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# Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana .

Luke Tamborinyoka is the Deputy Secretary for Presidential Affairs in the Citizens Amalgamation for Change led by the people’s Advocate Nelson Chamisa. He is a political scientist and an accolade acceptable journalist. You can collaborate with him on via his Facebook folio or on the cheep handle @ luke_tambo

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Blank Old Newspaper Template

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