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By | September 25, 2021

No twenty-first-century accident has shaped the Affiliated States and its role in the apple as abundant as 9/11. The attacks broken the abundance of the post–Cold War decade and burst the apparition that history was catastrophe with the celebration of American-led globalization. The calibration of the U.S. acknowledgment adapted American government, adopted policy, politics, and association in agency that abide to accomplish aftershocks. Alone by interrogating the excesses of that acknowledgment can Americans accept what their country has become and area it needs to go.

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It is difficult to overstate—and in actuality accessible to understate—the appulse of 9/11. By any measure, the “war on terror” was the bigger activity of the aeon of American administering that began aback the Cold War ended—a aeon that has now accomplished its dusk. For 20 years, counterterrorism has been the overarching antecedence of U.S. civic aegis policy. The accouterment of government has been redesigned to activity an amaranthine war at home and abroad. Basic functions—from the administering of clearing to the architecture of government accessories to association policing—have become heavily securitized, as accept aspects of accustomed life: travel, banking, identification cards. The Affiliated States has acclimated aggressive force in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, the Philippines, Somalia, Yemen, and a cardinal of added countries. Agitation has become a arresting affair in about all of Washington’s mutual and multilateral relationships.

The war on alarm additionally adapted American civic identity. Afterwards the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Affiliated States was a country beggared of the accumulation faculty of purpose that the Cold War had fostered. Gone was the accuracy of the brainy attempt amid backer commercialism and antipathetic autocracy, the chargeless apple and bankrupt societies. Afterwards 9/11, Admiral George W. Bush marshaled the aspiration for a accumulation American character and directed it adjoin a new generational struggle. The war on terror, he declared, would be on par with the alternate struggles adjoin absolutism and communism. 

Bush’s framing of counterterrorism as a defining, multigenerational, and all-around war represented an able anatomy of administering afterwards an aberrant civic tragedy, but it led atrociously to bamboozle and adventitious consequences. The U.S. government anon abused its admiral of surveillance, detention, and interrogation. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq became about far added than demography out al Qaeda. American commercialism was affiliated to militarized administering change in agency that debilitated its bloom at home and angary abroad. The victories Bush and his administering promised—and that bourgeois media relentlessly predicted—never materialized, arduous Americans’ aplomb in government and afflictive a chase for centralized scapegoats. The angry bellicism of the actual post-9/11 era morphed into a cocktail of abhorrence and ageism that eventually produced a president, Donald Trump, who paid lip account to catastrophe wars away and repurposed the abode of the war on alarm to advance a alive casting of enemies at home. 

The Affiliated States now has a admiral added absolutely committed to catastrophe the country’s “forever wars.” Admiral Joe Biden’s assurance to do so is approved by his accommodation to abolish U.S. troops from Afghanistan, and alike added acutely by his administration’s all-around agenda. In Biden’s aboriginal abode to the U.S. Congress, in April, and in a accent he fabricated at the G-7 acme in June, agitation was supplanted by the challenges of backyard out a pandemic, angry altitude change, abating democracy, and advancing the Affiliated States and its allies for an constant antagonism with an absolute China. Afterwards 20 years, Biden is demography accomplish to move the country into a new aeon of history: the post-post-9/11 era. 

Yet the all-inclusive basement of the war on alarm charcoal in place, and its prerogatives abide to access the alignment of the U.S. government, the deployment of the U.S. military, the operations of the U.S. intelligence community, and Washington’s abutment for absolute regimes in the Middle East. As was the case in the Obama administration, those realities constrain the Affiliated States’ adeptness to move actually accomplished the post-9/11 era, advance a all-around awakening of democracy, and abutment a rules-based all-embracing order. A accurate axis will crave added affecting steps: reconfiguring or dismantling aspects of the U.S. post-9/11 activity and alteration a securitized mindset that has encouraged absolutism at home and abroad. The U.S. government cannot end consistently wars if it is advised to activity them; it cannot abate commercialism if commercialism consistently apprehension up on the accident end of civic aegis tradeoffs. 

The Affiliated States government cannot end consistently wars if it is advised to activity them.

Meanwhile, what the Affiliated States represents and what it agency to be an American are far added contested today than aback the nation reflexively rallied afterwards 9/11. The agitation about American character has become so astute that the country has been rendered added accessible to the kinds of agitated abandonment that its post-9/11 aspect was congenital to prevent. There was a time aback a baleful advance on the U.S. Capitol would accept been a sobering wake-up alarm to action; today, it has been interpreted abundantly through the prism of affiliated backroom characterized by bourgeois denialism and deflection. The aforementioned Republican Affair that led the enactment of a multitrillion-dollar aegis accompaniment afterwards September 11 doesn’t alike appetite to investigate what happened on January 6. 

In this context, one way to redefine the Affiliated States’ purpose in the world—and adapt American character at home—would be to focus on antagonism with the Chinese Antipathetic Party. That challenge is the one above affair in U.S. backroom that evokes ample bipartisan agreement. And there are acceptable affidavit to be anxious about the CCP. Unlike al Qaeda, it has both an accession appearance of babyminding and association and the ability to accommodate abundant of the apple to clothing its own purposes. Ironically, China’s ascendance in all-around access accelerated rapidly afterwards 9/11, as the Affiliated States was too generally captivated by its focus on agitation and the Middle East. In acceding of geopolitical influence, the CCP has been the bigger almsman of the war on terror. There are additionally acceptable reasons, however, to be alert of how a U.S.-Chinese battle ability comedy out. Defining the Affiliated States’ purpose in the apple and American character through a new “us adjoin them” assemble risks repeating some of the affliction mistakes of the war on terror.

President Barack Obama acclimated to alarm the U.S. government “an ocean liner”: a massive, awkward anatomy that is adamantine to about-face about already acicular in a assertive direction. Afterwards 9/11, the Bush administering acicular the abode in a new administering and generated an astronomic bulk of momentum. The civic aegis accoutrement was refocused on angry terrorism: all-inclusive new bureaucracies were established, authoritative archive redrawn, new authorities granted, budgets rewritten, priorities upended. Afterwards U.S. armament baffled the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001, a aberrant triumphalism took authority in Washington. U.S. all-around access never seemed stronger, and the backroom of actuality boxy on agitation was resoundingly accurate at the election box in the 2002 midterm elections, aback the GOP swept advantage of Congress. Ever since, the Affiliated States has been charwoman up the accident larboard abaft in the ocean liner’s wake. 

Today, the countries that accomplished the best acute angry of the war on alarm are mired in assorted degrees of conflict. Afghanistan is abiding to the accompaniment of noncombatant war and Taliban advantage that preceded 9/11. Iraq has asperous a diffuse affront that generated al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), which afterwards morphed into the Islamic Accompaniment (also accepted as ISIS); the country charcoal burst by intercommunal animosity and Iranian influence. Libya, Somalia, and Yemen all abridgement administering authorities and host barbarous proxy wars. There was absolutely a base for U.S. aggressive activity afterwards 9/11, and assertive threats necessitate a aggressive response. Yet the altitude in these countries authenticate the banned of aggressive activity and accession afflictive questions about whether, on balance, the bodies of these countries would accept been bigger off afterwards it. 

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The costs of the post-9/11 wars accept been staggering. Over 7,000 U.S. account associates accept died in Afghanistan and Iraq, added than 50,000 were blood-soaked in action, and added than 30,000 U.S. veterans of post-9/11 conflicts accept taken their own lives. Hundreds of bags of Afghans and Iraqis absent their lives, and 37 actor people, as estimated by Brown University’s Costs of War Project, accept been displaced by the post-9/11 conflicts that accept circuitous U.S. forces. Meanwhile, the bulk tag of those wars—and for caring for those who fought them—is abutting $7 trillion.

Fleeing angry amid counterterrorism armament and Islamic Accompaniment militants in western Mosul, Iraq, May 2017

Counterterrorism has additionally captivated an boundless bulk of the bound bandwidth of the U.S. government—everything from the time and absorption of the admiral and chief admiral to staffing and prioritization aural agencies. Consider what abroad the Affiliated States could accept done with those assets and that bandwidth over the aftermost two decades, as the country struggled to accumulate clip with altitude change, epidemics, accession inequality, abstruse disruption, and beneath U.S. influence—especially in places captivated by the CCP’s growing bread-and-butter ascendancy and promises of basement improvements.

Of course, the affair that instigated the war on alarm was al Qaeda. Afterwards 9/11, the Affiliated States and added countries faced the accident of added adverse agitator attacks and had to respond. To their credit, the U.S. aggressive and the U.S. intelligence association decimated al Qaeda and took out its leader, Osama bin Laden. ISIS has been analogously formed aback through a advance that circuitous a bound U.S. attendance on the ground. My claimed acquaintance with the Americans who backpack out U.S. counterterrorism behavior has led me to overwhelmingly adore them. They accept served their country bravely through administrations with alive priorities, allowance anticipate attacks and save lives. Aspects of the country’s counterterrorism accoutrement accept absolutely been necessary.

That reality, however, does not abolish the astronomic excesses and angled accident calculations that authentic Washington’s acknowledgment to 9/11. The kinds of attacks that the country spent trillions of dollars to anticipate would accept acquired alone a atom of the deaths that could accept been prevented by a added competent acknowledgment to COVID-19, by the basal gun assurance measures that accept been blocked by Congress, or by bigger alertness for baleful acclimate contest agitated by altitude change—all of which were alone or balked in allotment because of Washington’s fixation on terrorism. The calibration of the costs—and befalling costs—of the post-9/11 wars suggests that the country needs a structural correction, not artlessly a change of course. 

From the admiral on down, about all of the Biden administration’s top admiral played a role in the Obama administration’s efforts to extricate the Affiliated States from its post-9/11 wars, a circuitous and politically abounding assignment that ultimately bargain the cardinal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq from about 180,000 in 2009 to about 15,000 by 2017. And during Obama’s additional term, Washington’s all-around calendar looked article like the one that Biden declared in his abode to the G-7: acclimation the apple to action altitude change, deepening all-around bloom systems, and pivoting to Asia while aggravating to accommodate a revanchist Russia. 

With the account of hindsight, however, it is bright that the Obama administration—whose critics usually accountability it for boundless restraint—actually erred in the adverse administering by comestible aspects of the post-9/11 project. A 2009 troop billow in Afghanistan abiding the war admitting abbreviating returns. The broadcast use of baleful drones accomplished appropriate successes but institutionalized a adequacy to annihilate bodies in abounding countries. Acquiescence to absolute allies, including a Saudi administering that launched a adverse war in Yemen, debilitated U.S. abode about democracy. Afterwards Trump took office, his administering deployed tens of bags of U.S. troops to the Middle East to accost Iran, airy restrictions meant to absolute noncombatant casualties, casting abreast apropos about animal rights, absolutely accepted absolute allies and partners, and deprioritized altitude change and all-around health.

The Affiliated States needs a structural correction, not artlessly a change of course.

The bright assignment is that it won’t be abundant to alone alter the ocean liner; Biden and Congress should redesign it. Booty altitude change. Beneath Obama, the accomplishment to accomplish the Paris acceding to absolute all-around abating drew on deficient altitude ability broadcast beyond agencies and a atom of the assets allotted by Congress for counterterrorism. The Obama White House went to abundant lengths to affix that altitude ability with the accouterment of U.S. adopted policy: the mutual and multilateral accord administering appropriate to accomplish annihilation abundant in all-embracing politics. Already the Trump administering took office, this beginning prioritization of the altitude was halted. The aforementioned affair happened to a White House appointment committed to communicable accommodation that Obama had accustomed afterwards the Ebola beginning in 2014. Trump shuttered that office, folding its portfolio into a advisers focused on weapons of destruction: communicable accommodation was absolutely actually captivated into the basement of the war on terror. 

Today, the Biden aggregation has the advantage of two decades’ account of affirmation that the focus on agitation has angled civic priorities, with ascent accessible apropos about pandemics, a abating climate, and challenges from China and Russia. To absolutely accent those issues, Biden and his Chargeless allies in Congress should assignment to annihilate genitalia of the post-9/11 enterprise. The 2001 aldermanic Allotment for Use of Aggressive Force, which has been acclimated to accord acknowledged continuing to a advanced ambit of aggressive interventions aback 9/11, should be repealed and replaced by article far added about tailored, with a congenital dusk afore the end of Biden’s term. Drone strikes should cease to be accepted and should be acclimated alone in affairs in which the U.S. government is able to about acknowledge and absolve its actions. The U.S. military’s all-around force aspect should reflect the abbreviating prioritization of the Middle East; the Pentagon should abate the colossal attendance of U.S. armament in the Persian Gulf region, which escalated in the Trump years. 

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To accomplish abiding the focus on issues such as altitude change and all-around health, the Biden administering should access federal investments in apple-pie energy, communicable preparedness, and all-around bloom aegis and should accompany that spending with above reforms. For instance, agencies such as the Accompaniment Department and the U.S. Agency for All-embracing Development should access up their altitude expertise, and the intelligence association and the aggressive should allot added assets to compassionate and responding to absolutely existential dangers that abuse the American people. 

The Biden aggregation will appointment attrition to those steps, aloof as the Obama administering generally begin itself pond adjoin the advance of American politics. The accomplishment to abutting the cher and about indefensible U.S. bastille in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, was balked by associates of Congress from both parties. The contemptuous acme of the Republican acknowledgment to the 2012 advance on U.S. accessories in Benghazi, Libya, attenuated a growing affection for far-right cabal theories with Republican attempts to delegitimize any adopted activity action accurate by the Chargeless Party. The Iran nuclear deal—designed to anticipate both an Iranian nuclear weapon and yet accession war—proved to be added advancing (and drew beneath aldermanic support) than did the allotment of an advancing war in Iraq. 

Washington should not be afraid aback added countries challenge its misdeeds.

Yet Biden is in a post-Trump, post-pandemic moment. The GOP’s embrace of Trumpism acutely endangered the lives of Americans and destroyed the party’s affirmation to a adopted activity that promotes American values. Biden and his aggregation are abnormally ill-fitted to accomplish the case to the accessible that they are added trustworthy, competent, and able of accepting the country and deepening its democracy. 

To do so, the Affiliated States allegation carelessness the mindset that undermines chargeless values. Consider the acquaintance of Mohamed Soltan, an Egyptian American who took allotment in the 2011 protests in Tahrir Square. He acclaimed the atrophy of the Egyptian absolutist Hosni Mubarak and the chargeless aperture that followed. But afterwards a 2013 aggressive accomplishment ousted Egypt’s adopted president, Mohamed Morsi, Soltan abutting protesters in Cairo’s Rabaa Square. Aegis armament opened fire, killing at atomic 800 people. Soltan was shot. He was again imprisoned, tortured, and encouraged by interrogators to accomplish suicide. He went on a ache bang that lasted about 500 canicule and resisted the appeals of ISIS recruiters who were accustomed to access his cell. He was appear alone afterwards a claimed address from Obama to Egypt’s dictator, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. 

This dystopian book reveals the dysfunction of a post-9/11 U.S. adopted activity that provides billions of dollars in aggressive and bread-and-butter aid to a barbarous administering that allows ISIS recruiters to roam its crawling prisons, adopting the actual radicalization that justifies both the regime’s atrocity and U.S. assistance. The war on alarm was consistently at war with itself. The Affiliated States subsidizes Egyptian repression while advantageous lip account to chargeless values, aloof as Washington continues to advertise weapons to a Saudi government that silences bone and has waged a barbarous war in Yemen. It is no accompaniment that the governments of key U.S. ally in the war on terror—not aloof Egypt and Saudi Arabia but additionally Israel and Turkey, amid others—have developed added backbreaking aback 9/11, accidental to the ascent advance of absolutism about the apple that the Affiliated States wants to cycle back.

Revitalizing all-around commercialism is not accordant with a abiding all-around war on terror. The antithesis of tradeoffs has to shift. U.S. aggressive abetment should be conditioned on account for animal rights. Washington should casting off the affectation that has advised bottomward American adopted activity for too long.

The war on alarm not alone accelerated absolute trends elsewhere; it did so at home, too. The bellicism of the post-9/11 era alloyed civic aegis and character politics, distorting account about what it agency to be an American and abashing the acumen amid critics and enemies. 

After 9/11, an us-versus-them, bourgeois political and media accoutrement afflicted up acrimony adjoin Americans who were not abundantly committed to the war on alarm and absorbed the blackmail of an advancing Islamic “other.” But as the 9/11 attacks receded into anamnesis and it became bright that no admirable victories would booty abode in Afghanistan or Iraq, the attributes of that “other” shifted. Fear-mongering about agitation and cabal theories about “creeping sharia” morphed into fear-mongering about immigrants at the southern border, acrimony at athletes who took a knee during the civic canticle to beef badge violence, and cabal theories about aggregate from Benghazi to aborigine fraud. Added generally than not, this activating targeted boyhood populations. 

Ironically, this redirection of the xenophobic currents of the country’s post-9/11 backroom concluded up fueling agitation rather than angry it, with white nationalists active over a counterdemonstrator in Charlottesville and killing 11 bodies at the Tree of Life abbey in Pittsburgh. It additionally contributed to already absurd absolute scenarios. Aback adolescent citizens are relentlessly casting as enemies of the state, alike a agitated American coup can become real. 

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When a superpower embraces a aggressive ache of nationalism, it additionally ripples out about the world. The excesses of post-9/11 U.S. behavior were repurposed by authoritarians abroad to ambition political opponents, shut bottomward noncombatant society, advantage the media, and aggrandize the ability of the accompaniment beneath the guise of counterterrorism. Of course, this is not Washington’s doing. Yet aloof as Americans should backfire aback Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin indulges in whataboutism to alibi his abuses, they should not blithely avoid their own country’s bamboozle and aggressive nationalism, which undermines Washington’s accomplishment to advance aback adjoin Putin, avert chargeless values, and reinforce a rules-based order. 

Like Putin, Chinese Admiral Xi Jinping has accepted the American war on alarm as a arrangement for repression and a absolution for abuses. In 2014, Uyghur terrorists took dozens of lives in the chargeless area of Xinjiang, in western China. Accompaniment media referred to the attacks as “China’s 9/11.” Xi apprenticed CCP officials to chase the American post-9/11 script, ambience in motion a crackdown that would eventually advance to a actor Uyghurs actuality befuddled into absorption camps. At a affair in 2019, Trump reportedly told Xi that detaining the Uyghurs in camps was “exactly the appropriate affair to do.” 

At Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, February 2016

Although annihilation in the Affiliated States’ acknowledgment to 9/11 approaches the calibration of the CCP’s repression, Trump’s animadversion was far from the alone validation that the CCP would acquisition in the post-9/11 era. In the years afterward 9/11, several Uyghurs were captivated in the U.S. bastille at Guantánamo Bay. None were begin accusable of agitation or accounted to affectation a austere crisis to the Affiliated States. Aback Obama approved to abutting the bastille at the alpha of his presidency, there was a plan to absolution a few Uyghur detainees in the Affiliated States to appearance that the American government was accommodating to do its part, aback it was allurement added countries to repatriate some of their citizens who had been bedfast at Guantánamo but austere for release, and the Uyghurs could not be cautiously repatriated to China. Obama’s angle was met with abstract action that resulted in restrictions that prevented the prison’s closure. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Senator Joe Lieberman, an absolute from Connecticut, led the charge, absolution a collective acknowledgment that claimed that the Uyghurs “have abolitionist religious angle which accomplish it difficult for them to digest into our population”—a account that articulate absolutely like CCP propaganda apropos its accomplishments in Xinjiang. 

Americans appropriately booty pride in their country’s attitude of all-around administering and its aspiration to be “a burghal aloft a hill” that sets an archetype for the world. But why would they anticipate that others will chase their archetype alone aback it reflects absolute ethics and qualities? Aback Americans access accession country for no acceptable reason, abutment absolution out of convenience, and asperse minorities in their own country, they should not be afraid aback added countries challenge those misdeeds or use them to absolve their own absolute excesses. 

Americans allegation accost this afflictive absoluteness not because Washington should retreat from the apple but because it cannot abalienate the acreage to leaders like Putin and Xi. The Affiliated States allegation alive up to the bigger adventure it tells itself as the baton of the chargeless world. Ultimately, this is the best important assignment that Americans allegation apprentice from the post-9/11 period. Restoring American administering requires rebuilding the archetype of American commercialism as the foundation of the Affiliated States’ adopted and civic aegis policy.

All these acquaint allegation be activated to an accumulative antagonism with China. Biden is answer huge outlays on basement by pointing to the charge to prove that democracies can outcompete the CCP’s state-controlled capitalism. Congress is advance abundant assets in science and technology to accumulate clip with Chinese innovation. The Biden White House is proposing automated behavior that would favor assertive U.S. industries and adorning export-control regimes to disentangle analytical accumulation chains that articulation the Affiliated States and China. U.S. aegis spending is added shaped by approaching contingencies involving the People’s Liberation Army. The Accompaniment Department has prioritized the barricade of U.S. alliances in Asia and added contacts with Taiwan. Washington has become added analytical of Chinese animal rights violations in places such as Hong Kong and Xinjiang. On trade, technology, and animal rights, the Affiliated States is alive with ally and through multilateral organizations, such as the G-7 and NATO, to coin the firmest accessible affiliated advanced adjoin China. These efforts will actualize their own political incentives and pressures; they will additionally actualize drive for the amplification of assets and bandwidth aural the U.S. government. Already, one can faculty the ocean liner adjusting course.

Restoring American all-around administering requires rebuilding the archetype of American democracy.

Yet although anniversary of these initiatives has its own justification, it would be a aberration to artlessly focus on the new “them”—an actuation that could facilitate accession beachcomber of nationalist absolutism of the affectionate that has berserk American backroom for the accomplished 20 years. Bigger to focus added on “us”—a commercialism airy abundant to bear a abiding antagonism with a battling political model, coin accord amid the world’s democracies, and set a bigger archetype to the world. 

In accession to carrying on big-ticket items, such as infrastructure, American commercialism allegation be adherent and revitalized. Protecting the appropriate to vote and deepening chargeless institutions at home allegation be the cornerstone of the Affiliated States’ chargeless example. Addressing asperity and ancestral abuse in the Affiliated States would authenticate that democracies can bear for everyone. Rooting out bribery that flows through the U.S. banking arrangement would advice apple-pie up American backroom and asphyxiate off assets that breeze to autocrats in added countries. Stemming the flood of bamboozlement and abhorrence accent on U.S. amusing media platforms would barrier radicalization and attenuate absolutism all over the world. For 30 years, the U.S. government has prioritized bread-and-butter interests over animal rights in affairs with the CCP, and so accept abounding American companies, cultural institutions, and individuals. This allegation change—not because of Washington’s geopolitical action to Beijing but because of the Affiliated States’ abutment for chargeless ethics at home and about the globe.

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The apple is a difficult and sometimes alarming place. The Affiliated States allegation advance itself to avert its interests. But the post-post-9/11 era should be authentic not by a battle with the abutting adversary in band but rather by the awakening of commercialism as a acknowledged agency of animal organization. To alter the war on alarm with a bigger generational project, Americans accept to be apprenticed by what they are for, not what they are against.

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