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By | March 18, 2020

iOS 7 is a above redesign of Apple’s adaptable operating arrangement that, alongside a beginning new look, comes with dozens of new appearance like Control Center, new multitasking, new Notification Center, and bigger browsing acquaintance in Safari. At the aforementioned time, calm with all the best arresting additions and user features, there are hundreds of details, tricks, and hidden functionalities that you can booty advantage of to get added out of iOS 7.

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At MacStories, we adore award all the little gems that arise with a cast new iOS adaptation anniversary year. In this post, you’ll acquisition 100 tips, tricks, and capacity of iOS 7 that we’ve calm throughout the summer aback the aboriginal beta absolution of iOS 7.

For added iOS 7 coverage, analysis out our annual hub and Federico’s Living with iOS 7 article.

Spotlight doesn’t accept a committed Home awning folio anymore. It’s now attainable from any folio – aloof bash bottomward on any awning to acknowledge it and bash up to adumbrate it.

There is a new system-wide action to “go back” to a antecedent awning central an app: aloof bash from the larboard bend of the screen.

When you deathwatch an iOS 7 accessory from sleep, the Lock awning anxiety cautiously fades in afore the background. At the aforementioned time, there’s additionally an action that shows the wallpaper “zooming in” from the accomplishments (it zooms aback aback locking a device).

When you lock a device, the lock complete has been tweaked to accept an “echo” effect.

The SpringBoard has a new aperture animation.

There is a new complete for alive in a accessory via USB. Every time you bung in a device, the array allotment flashes on awning once, again disappears. Afterwards that, it’s displayed in the Lock awning beneath the accepted time, and disappears afterwards a additional (replaced by accepted date).

If you’re application an app that supports mural approach on iPhone, you can accompany up the new multitasking appearance in landscape. Control Center and Notification Center are additionally accurate in mural on iPhone.

You can now download and administer dictionaries from the Define menu.

The new multitasking appearance has altered scrolling speeds for the icons and app snapshots. Scrolling is faster aback annexation on the icons.

There’s a new action for the “x” button that appears aback you tap & authority an app you appetite to delete.

When you jump to a specific admonition or bulletin from Spotlight, the annual is accent with adventurous argument in the app.

If you tap the Lock screen, there’s a quick action action that suggests you accept to bash the absolute awning to alleviate the device.

The ahead attainable app is consistently in the average position of the multitasking tray, authoritative it an attainable ambition to tap and about-face amid two afresh attainable apps.

You can abdicate added than one app at a time from multitasking aloof by application assorted fingers accompanying and annexation up on the apps you appetite to close.

With abundant action on the Lock screen’s camera icon, the Camera will launch.

In the Buzz app, the keypad gets the blush of the system’s wallpaper.

The arrangement wallpaper additionally colors the passcod keypad, while acquaintance photos are the accomplishments of a buzz anxiety in the Buzz app.

Notes’ distinct agenda alternative (yellow) is progressively desaturated as you bash aback and alternating amid annual and a distinct note.

The Utilities binder is now alleged Extras and contains Contacts and the Calculator apps.

There is a new app download action and absence figure arrangement based on Apple’s iOS 7 filigree system. New apps accept a dejected dot indicator afterwards the download is complete.

Siri has a new card to apprentice how to accent your name. Aloof ask Siri to accent your name, and chase the steps.

Along with Siri accepting the adeptness to attainable apps, it can additionally attainable Settings – any specific settings too. Try it, “Siri, attainable wallpaper settings.”

Siri can do Q&As based on Wikipedia information. You can ask Siri a array of new questions about people, places, actual facts, and more.

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There is an iTunes ambition annual synced beyond devices, and you can redeem iTunes acclaim with your device’s camera.

Reminders has a “Scheduled” area to appearance all attainable reminders from all lists, aloof cull bottomward from the top to admission the chase acreage and tap the anxiety clock.

In Calendar, you can appearance all your attainable contest in a timeline by borer the chase figure in the high appropriate corner.

Favorite contacts accept contour pictures. When allotment a photo to a contact, there is now a new amphitheater agriculture apparatus to get the photo aloof right.

The ambit has an inclinometer and a new UI. In the capital ambit view, the skeuomorphic architecture has been abandoned, abrogation allowance for an capital atramentous UI area belletrist consistently break upright. Bash right, and you can use an inclinometer. The awning turns blooming aback you ability 0 degrees.

You can acclimatize the area ambit in Reminders. In a reminder’s Capacity screen, actuate the “Reminde me at a location” option, again tap Location, accept one, and you can abuse the ambit in the “When I arrive…” and “When I leave…” tabs.

You can now appearance PDF annotations on an iOS device.

You can browse QR codes in Passbook. The app’s camera UI will about-face red if a canyon can’t be installed from a accustomed code, and blooming if the canyon can be downloaded and added to Passbook.

The “Add to Reading List” card has glasses agnate to Steve Jobs’.

You can put Newsstand in a folder, and annal through assorted pages central folders.

In Weather, tap the accepted temperature to appearance advice about humidity, adventitious of rain, wind, and “feels like”. Tap the annual button in the basal appropriate to admission an overview of all your configured locations.

For apps that abutment iOS7’s new accomplishments system, you can see apps alive previews in the multitasking appearance (like Messages).

If you appetite to accomplish your own parallax wallpapers, use a resolution of 744 x 1392 pixels (for iPhone 5, 5c and 5s). Hat tip to @marcedwards

There is a new abeyance action that is acclimated for the arrangement (when you ability off a device) as able-bodied as canyon abatement in Passbook.

The action for entering a amiss passcode in the Lock awning is new and aggressive by OS X’s one.

You can analysis your area history in Settings > Privacy > Area Casework > Arrangement Casework > Frequent Locations to see locations that iOS logged over time alongside an anchored map view.

You can attenuate Control Center admission aural apps in Settings > Control Center. This will accomplish Control Center attainable alone from the Home awning and Lock screen.

Dynamic Type too ample or too small? Acclimatize it in Settings > General > Argument Size. Settings > General > Accessibility will additionally let you use adventurous argument and admission contrast.

Apps that accept requested admission to your device’s microphone can be beheld in Privacy > Microphone.

Automatic updates can be disabled in Settings > iTunes & App Store.

Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion will acceleration up the aperture of apps by “reducing the motion of the UI, including the parallax aftereffect of icons and alerts.”

There are alone cellular acceptance for apps in Settings > Cellular. Scroll, and you’ll see how abundant cellular abstracts apps accept consumed; you can additionally see a breakdown for arrangement casework and uninstalled apps.

Customize the Today Appearance in Settings > Notification Center.

Enable Do Not Clue for Safari in Settings > Safari.

You can add labels to the absence On/Off switches in Settings > General > Accessibility.

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You can block contacts in Settings > Phone/Messages/FaceTime. You will not accept calls or letters from bodies on the block list.

You can actuate abbreviate names for contacts in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Abbreviate Name. Abbreviate names are acclimated to fit added names on the awning and they can be set to: Aboriginal Name & Last Initial; Aboriginal Initial and Last Name; Aboriginal Name Only; Last Name Only. if available, you can additionally accept to adopt nicknames.

You can now accept amid driving/walking for absence admonition in Settings > Maps.

There is now an advantage in Setttings > Do Not Disturb to consistently blackout calls and notifications, not aloof aback a accessory is locked.

There are timestamps for alone letters in the Letters app. Simply bash larboard while examination a babble to acknowledge the timestamps.

When scrolling a conversation, you’ll see a attenuate acclivity for dejected babble bubbles (lighter at the top, darker at the bottom) and a new bounce aftereffect that keeps chats afterpiece to anniversary other.

When you accelerate a message, the babble balloon rises up from the basal and you can see it through the new iOS 7 keyboard.

There are suggestions for accumulation letters (and accumulation emails). Aback allotment the almsman of a new message, iOS will action you to abode it to a accumulation you’ve acclimated before. You can tap the (i) button on a appropriate accumulation to appearance the email addresses and buzz numbers associated with anniversary affiliate of a group.

If a bulletin you’ve approved to accelerate fails, you get a notification.

You can appearance all photos in a babble by borer on one image, again tap the annual figure in the basal right.

If you’re aggravating to accelerate an abandoned bulletin in the Letters app, the “Send” button isn’t dejected and it’s desaturated.

Maps now has night (dark) approach that turns on automatically at night.

Dropped pins in Maps appearance an estimated driving/walking time to that location.

When examination a abode in Maps, you can appearance apps that are accepted adjacent and download them from the App Store afterwards abrogation Maps.

Maps bookmarks are synced with iCloud.

You can accept Maps appearance traffic; tap the (i) in the basal appropriate and baddest “Show Traffic”. Streets with cartage problems will be articular with symbols like the ones below.

You can tap at the basal to accomplish Safari’s toolbar arise on screen. The abode bar in Safari recedes aback you annal bottomward a webpage, but you can tap it to accomplish it bigger at any time.

Safari’s abode bar is now a unified chase and URL field, assuming bookmarks and chase suggestions aback you alpha typing. It shows a Top Hit, Google Chase results, Bookmarks and History, and bounded folio results. The Top Hit can be optionally set to pre-load from Settings > Safari > Smart Chase Acreage (where chase suggestions can additionally be disabled).

When administration a webpage from Safari via AirDrop, the receiver’s AirDrop alive chat will appearance an inline examination that respects the scrolling position of the aboriginal webpage.

You can now see alt argument for images in Safari (useful for websits like xkcd). Aloof tap & authority an angel to apprehend the text.

In the new tabs appearance on the iPhone, you can abutting a folio by annexation it to the left.

You can additionally admission your iCloud tabs by annexation up from the basal while in Tab view.

Clock faces are white for cities in the apple area there’s still light, atramentous area the sun has already set. Tap burghal names to about-face the anxiety from analog to digital.

The timer you can set in the Anxiety app is additionally apparent as a admission in the Lock screen. Aback it’s up, you can tap to stop it.

The Anxiety figure has a alive time examination on the Home screen, and it changes from connected motion to alive in fluctuant mode.

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The anxiety anxiety displays a admission on the lock awning afterwards snoozing.

You can add a custom mailbox for the All Mail binder in your Gmail account. In Mail’s Mailboxes screen, tap Edit, again Add Mailbox, and point it to the All Mail binder you want.

There is a new message:// URL arrangement to articulation to alone messages. Bulletin URLs generated on a Mac (with accoutrement like this) will abide to assignment on iOS 7, provided that the bulletin has already been downloaded by the Mail app.

For generally acclimated contacts, Mail will try to automatically change your From abode to the best one. For instance, aback basic a bulletin to a colleague, Mail will change the abode to your assignment one.

The Music app shows activated audio levels abutting to a arena song while in annual view. The levels go collapsed aback a song is paused.

iTunes Radio has an absolute accoutrement (★) in Control Center. You can “Play added like this”, “Never comedy this song”, and add to ambition list.

A song’s delayed time is now accessible in the Lock awning aback a song is playing.

While examination Artists, Songs, or Albums, about-face to mural and get a collage appearance of your anthology covers. You can additionally tap on one of the anthology covers to accompany up a mini-player.

While alert to an iTunes Radio base you can tap the “i” button at the top to acclimatize settings for the station.

On the iPhone, you can now compression to open/close photos.

Upon aboriginal bureaucracy you can see your Photo Stream photos advancing one afterwards the added into the Photos app.

The FaceTime app is translucent, assuming a blurred appearance of the advanced adverse camera as the background.

In the Photos app, you can allotment called photos from specific moment if you don’t appetite to allotment an absolute moment. Aloof tap “Share” abutting to a moment and again “Share some photos”.

Each photo approach (square, photo) can accept a altered clarify that sticks aback the Camera app is bankrupt or relaunched.

Tap area in Photos to appearance photos on a map.

Tap & authority the photo “mosaic” in Years and Collection to abrade through photos; absolution to appearance a photo in full-screen.

When a camera clarify is active, the figure in the basal appropriate bend is colored.

The action is new aback you tap on the baby face during FaceTime.

The UI of the camera options assume to be put on a basic wheel.

Notifications are now synced beyond accessories application iCloud. Abode a notification on one device, it automatically disappears on the other.

There’s a new action for how the “x” button rotates and turns into a Clear button in Notification Center.

Notification Center wishes you blessed altogether in the Today tab.

Notification banners can be absolved by annexation them up. You can additionally bash larboard and appropriate amid Notification Center areas.

The Flashlight about-face changes aback it’s toggled on and off, hat tip to @jackietrananh

To attainable the app currently arena audio from Control Center, tap the clue title.

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Apps that were automatically adapted by iOS 7 appearance up in Notification Center, acceptance you to tap them to attainable the App Store and see what changed.

The chevrons for Notification and Control Center change: aback you annoyance them, they’re lines; aback they are absolutely revealed, they about-face into arrows.

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