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Once associate assay is completed and the editor is annoyed that any apropos aloft by the reviewers acquire been appropriately addressed, the cardboard is accustomed ‘in principle’ (AIP). The editor will accelerate abundant instructions to ensure that the cardboard contains all the advice adapted for advertisement and meets our standards for the advertisement of abstracts and code. 

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A aerial antecedence of Nature Nanotechnology is that all affidavit are attainable to non-specialists; manuscripts are accountable to abundant alteration to accomplish this goal. After acceptance, a archetype editor and an art editor may accomplish added changes to ensure that the argument and abstracts are bright and bright to those alfresco the field, and that affidavit accommodate to our abode style. 

Once your arrangement has been accustomed in assumption for publication, you will charge to architecture it according to the guidelines below. Addressing these requirements at this date will ensure your arrangement has a smoother aisle to publication.


Please abide your arrangement in either Chat or TeX/LaTeX format. We do not acquire PDFs for final submissions.


We acquire all accustomed fonts; however, amuse agenda Symbol chantry should be acclimated for Greek characters.


To abide a TeX/LaTeX file, amuse use any of the accustomed chic files such as article.cls, revtex.cls or amsart.cls.

All textual actual should be provided as a distinct book in absence Computer Modern fonts. 

Please abstain non-standard fonts and bales and abolish all claimed macros afore submitting. 

For graphics, we acclaim graphicx.sty. 

Please use after references alone for citations, and accommodate the references aural the arrangement book itself.  

If you ambition to use BibTeX, amuse archetype the advertence account from the .bbl file, adhesive it into the capital arrangement .tex file, and annul the associated bibliography and bibliographystyle commands. 

Before submission, amuse ensure that the complete .tex book compiles auspiciously on your own arrangement with no errors or warnings. 

There is no charge to absorb time visually formatting the manuscript: our appearance will be imposed automatically back the cardboard is able for publication.

For added guidelines on TeX/LaTeX, amuse appointment area you can download the Springer Nature LaTeX template.

Please accommodate tables at the end of your argument document. 

Complex tables can be submitted as a abstracted Excel file. 

Tables that accommodate statistical assay of abstracts should call their standards of absurdity assay and ranges in a table legend.

Tables that affection actinic structures should be included at the end of the argument certificate and the built-in ChemDraw file(s) should be supplied alone as .cdx files.

Effective amount alertness will enhance the readability of your arrangement – our image alertness guidelines will advice you to aftermath able publication-quality figures. In addition, please accede the afterward important requirements:  


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All abstracts charge be cited in arrangement aural the capital commodity argument in the anatomy Fig. 1, Fig. 2.

Figure panels should be able at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and adored at a best amplitude of 180 mm.  

Use a 5–7 pt san serif chantry for accustomed argument labelling and Symbol chantry for Greek characters. 

Use calibration bars, not deepening factors, and accommodate absurdity confined area appropriate. 

Do not abrade labelling or scale/error confined assimilate images – uneditable or low-resolution images are two of the best accustomed affidavit for adjournment in arrangement preparation.  

Figure legends

Include a abrupt appellation for anniversary amount with a abbreviate description of anniversary console cited in sequence. 

Ensure the fable does not beat the chat absolute of the commodity type.

Avoid abstruse detail.

Use exact cues to call keys, eg. “open red triangles”, not beheld cues or symbols.

Include a description of centre ethics (median or average) and all absurdity confined and how they were calculated.  Give an adumbration of sample admeasurement (n number), accompaniment the statistical analysis acclimated and accommodate P values.

Chemical structures

Chemical structures should be produced application ChemDraw or a agnate program. Abstracts absolute actinic structures should be submitted according to our image alertness guidelines. Authors application ChemDraw should accomplish use of our journal template, appointment the final files at 100% as .cdx files. Creating molecules aural or artful them into the arrangement will ensure that best of our account appearance credibility are followed. For added information, amuse see our Chemical Structures Appearance Guide.

Stereo images

Stereo diagrams should be presented for aberrant ‘wall-eyed’ viewing, with the two panels afar by ∼5.5 cm. In the final accustomed adaptation of the manuscript, stereo images should be submitted at their advancing final size.

Copyright Permission

You are amenable for accepting permission to broadcast any abstracts or illustrations that are adequate by copyright, including abstracts arise abroad and pictures taken by able photographers. Incomplete permission advice may adjournment advertisement of your manuscript, as we cannot broadcast images after adapted permission. If appointment abstracts created application BioRender, amuse affirm whether you own a abounding licence to broadcast or a chargeless balloon plan. 

Advance Online Publication

Nature Nanotechnology provides Beforehand Online Advertisement (AOP) of analysis articles, which allowances authors with an beforehand advertisement date and allows our readers admission to arise affidavit afore they arise in a account issue. Agenda that affidavit arise online are absolute and may be adapted alone through the advertisement of a academic correction, so authors should accomplish every accomplishment to ensure that they analysis proofs carefully. All AOP accessories are accustomed a altered agenda commodity identifier (DOI) number, which can be acclimated to adduce the cardboard afore affair publication. Chase this articulation for details about beforehand online publication.

Charges administer for authors of primary cable agreeable who ambition to broadcast abstracts in colour in Nature Portfolio book journals. For added capacity amuse email editorial enquiries.

References should be numbered sequentially in the afterward order:

References that are uncited or cited out of arrangement may crave chiral adjustment in assembly that could adjournment the assembly process. Amuse ensure the following:

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Only one advertisement is accustomed for anniversary reference. 

Research altar (such as appointment abstracts, numbered patents, datasets, protocols and code) that acquire been assigned a DOI are included in the advertence list. 

Unpublished affair abstracts, affidavit in alertness and affidavit beneath assay or in columnist after an accessible album should not arise in the advertence list. Instead, they should be mentioned in the argument with a account of authors (or brand if any of the authors are co-authors of the present contribution). 

URLs for web sites should be cited parenthetically in the capital text, not in the advertence list.

Grant capacity and acknowledgments are not acceptable as numbered references. 

Footnotes are not supported.

For long-form manuscripts such as Articles, Letters, Assay Articles, Perspectives and Progress Articles, titles of cited accessories are required.


Eigler, D. M. & Schweizer, E. K. Positioning distinct atoms with a scanning tunnelling microscope. Nature 344, 524–526 (1990).

For beneath commodity types such as Commentaries or News & Views, titles of cited accessories are not included.


Iijima, S. Nature 354, 56–58 (1991).

For book citations, the administrator is required.


Jones, R. A. L. Soft Machines: Nanotechnology and Life Ch. 3 (Oxford Univ. Press, 2004).

Data and cipher may be cited in the advertence account if they acquire been assigned DOIs and should accommodate authors, title, administrator (repository name) and DOI bidding as a URL.


Hao, Z., AghaKouchak, A., Nakhjiri, N. & Farahmand, A. Global Integrated Drought Monitoring and Prediction Arrangement (GIDMaPS) abstracts sets. figshare (2014).

To adduce a preprint


Babichev, S. A., Ries, J. & Lvovsky, A. I. Quantum scissors: teleportation of single-mode optical states by agency of a nonlocal distinct photon. Album at (2002).

Methods should be subdivided by short, adventurous headings apropos to methods used. We animate the admittance of specific subsections; for archetype Statistics, Reagents or Animal models. If added references are included, calculation should abide from the end of the aftermost advertence in the main paper (see area 5 References). Any Methods-only references should accompany the added Methods at the end of the paper.

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Authors are encouraged to drop the step-by-step protocols acclimated in their abstraction to Protocol Exchange. Protocols deposited by the authors should be mentioned in the Methods area and added to the advertence list. 

Acknowledgements should be abrupt and abstain thanking bearding referees and editors. Grant or addition numbers may be acknowledged. Dedications are not acceptable unless for addition anon circuitous with the analysis who for some acumen is not an author.

Extended Abstracts abstracts are affectation items that accommodate capital accomplishments to the abstracts presented in the capital paper. 

A best of 10 Extended Abstracts affectation abstracts is permitted. 

Extended Abstracts abstracts are not copy-edited or styled by Nature Nanotechnology; for this reason, amuse chase account appearance as carefully as accessible back advancing these figures. 

Figures can be multi-paneled, if necessary, and should be sized such that they will fit on a distinct PDF page.

Legends for Extended Abstracts abstracts should be able as for capital abstracts and should be included in the ‘Inventory of Acknowledging Information’ document. 

All Extended Abstracts abstracts charge be referred to as detached items at an adapted abode in the capital text.

We animate you to accommodate antecedent abstracts for your abstracts whenever possible. Full-length, chapped gels and blots charge be provided as antecedent abstracts for any accordant figures, and should be provided as alone PDF files for anniversary amount absolute all acknowledging blots and/or gels with the affiliated amount acclaimed anon in the file. Statistics antecedent abstracts should be provided in Excel format, one book for anniversary accordant figure, with the affiliated amount acclaimed anon in the file.  For imaging antecedent data, we animate degradation to a accordant athenaeum due to admeasurement constraints.

Supplementary advice is arise as supplied to Nature Nanotechnology. Amuse ensure that it is presented acutely and succinctly in a analytic order, and that analogue conforms with the blow of the paper. Already your cardboard is in production, Added Advice can alone be replaced to actual cogent accurate errors.

Requirements for Added Information

Each account should be appointed as either Added Equation, Discussion, Notes, Figure, Table, Video, Audio, Abstracts or Software, and all except Notes should be numbered sequentially. This calculation should be abstracted from that acclimated for items actualization either in the capital commodity or in the Extended Data.   

Supplementary Abstracts should be acclimated alone for cases back the use of Extended Abstracts to address these allegation is not appropriate. Anniversary Added Amount should fit, forth with its legend, on a distinct PDF page. Authors are encouraged to be careful in including added types of added information.

Supplementary Figures, Tables and Videos should acquire a appellation and a explanation that chase the guidelines for affectation items in the capital text.

We animate all abstruse advice to be included in the capital argument but if added advice is needed, e.g. for algorithm description, step-by-step protocol, admixture amalgam and characterization, they can be included as a Added Note.  

Refer to anniversary allotment of added advice at atomic already aural the argument of either the capital commodity or its Methods, at the adapted point(s). Be abiding to accommodate the chat “Supplementary” anniversary time one is mentioned and adduce them in sequence. 

Please abide added text, figures, simple tables or data, and associated legends aural a distinct accumulated PDF file. For circuitous tables or abstracts (larger than an A4 PDF page) we acclaim accumulation all tables on abstracted tabs aural one Excel workbook called ‘Supplementary Tables’ or ‘Supplementary Data’ as appropriate. We additionally acquire tables and abstracts as .csv files. We acquire best frequently acclimated audio and video formats, and added software should be submitted aural a .zip or .tar annal file.

Manuscripts advertisement new structures should accommodate a table summarizing structural and clarification statistics. Templates for such tables describing cryo-EM, NMR and X-ray crystallography data are available. To facilitate appraisal of the affection of the structural data, a stereo angel of a allocation of the electron body map (for crystallography papers) or of the superimposed everyman activity structures (>10; for NMR papers) should be provided with the submitted manuscript. If the appear anatomy represents a atypical all-embracing fold, a stereo angel of the absolute anatomy (as a courage trace) should additionally be provided. For cryo-EM structures, a adumbrative micrograph assuming alone particles should be provided in the submission.

Authors should use accustomed classification for gene symbols, and use symbols rather than italicized abounding names (Ttn, not titin). Amuse argue the adapted classification databases for actual gene names and symbols. A advantageous ability is Entrez Gene. Accustomed animal gene symbols are provided by HUGO Gene Classification Committee (HGNC), e-mail: [email protected]; see also Accustomed abrasion symbols are provided by The Jackson Laboratory, e-mail: [email protected]; see also

For proposed gene names that are not already approved, amuse abide the gene symbols to the adapted classification committees as anon as possible, as these charge be deposited and accustomed afore advertisement of an article.

Avoid advertisement assorted names of genes (or proteins) afar by a slash, as in ‘Oct4/Pou5f1’, as this is cryptic (it could beggarly a ratio, a complex, another names or altered subunits). Use one name throughout and accommodate the added at aboriginal mention: ‘Oct4 (also accustomed as Pou5f1)’.

When possible, authors should accredit to actinic compounds and biomolecules application analytical nomenclature, finer using IUPAC and IUBMB rules. Accustomed actinic and biological abbreviations should be used. Unconventional or specialist abbreviations should be authentic at their aboriginal accident in the text.

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Equations and algebraic expressions should be provided in the capital argument of the paper. Equations that are referred to in the argument are articular by parenthetical numbers, such as (1), and are referred to in the arrangement as “equation (1)”.

Authors of accustomed affidavit are encouraged to abide images accompanying to their analysis for application as an affair awning already their cardboard is assigned to an issue. Awning images are called for their accurate absorption and artful appeal. Amuse upload acceptable affection angel files forth with a bright and abridged fable answer the angel content.

A template is a document later than preset layout, formatting, and settings that acts as a basic structure for a document. Word offers templates as a guide for creating readable, uniform documents. Unless you specify a template when arrival a new document, Word automatically bases documents upon the usual template.

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Templates let you reuse the thesame structure and styles in numerous documents. Unfortunately, templates are misunderstood and underused because successfully implementing them requires a bit of specialized knowledge. In this article, I’ll portion a few tips that will adjoin your template experience.

Creating a template is as easy as quality in the works a document. The key difference is that a document is a one-time transaction and a template is a blueprint for repeatable transactions. behind templates, you can mount up named persons, just as you realize with creating a regular document. But you can along with clarify placeholder roles, that is, not an actual person but rather a role that would regularly participate in a transaction using the template. Typically, afterward templates you apportion roles rather than named persons, as it’s likely your recipients and signers will bend all mature you use the template.

The basic idea of templates is to offer you or someone else a boost in creating a additional document. If your template is full of errors, those errors will replicate themselves ad infinitum! That isn’t something that you need. It isn’t an example that you desire to set. If what you in reality want to allocation is text, attempt sharing it as an AutoText entry.

Create Amazing Free Printable Banner Templates For Word

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If you regularly send out contracts, agreements, invoices, forms, or reports, chances are you’ve already created and saved templates for those. That doesn’t intention you’ve circumvented every of the tedious work: Each time you send a supplementary tally of the template, you still have to copy-and-paste names, project info, dates, and additional relevant details into your document. Enter Formstack Documents. This tool will increase your template past unique data automatically, for that reason you’ll get customized, finished documents without tapping a single key. You can upload a template you’ve already made (Word docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations are every fair game), or begin from scuff using Formstack’s online editor. Then, pick where you want completed documents to go. maybe you want them saved to a Dropbox or Google drive folder, emailed to you, or sent to a tool where you can collection signatures. Finally, pick your data source. You could manually import data from a spreadsheetbut that sort of defeats the purpose. Instead, use Zapier to set happening an automated workflow. Your document templates will be automatically populated when data from substitute applike a survey or eCommerce tool. For example, if you use PayPal to direct your online shop, you could use Zapier to create a custom receipt for each customer. Or, if you yet want to use spreadsheets, just be close to Google Sheets to Formstack Documents and supplementary rows will be turned into formatted documents in seconds.

To make spreadsheet templates. Spreadsheets are subsequent to LEGO bricks: You begin next a bunch of seemingly random pieces, and point of view them into profound structures. But unlike a tower of blocks, spreadsheets dont collapse if you every second out or remove an individual componentso you can reuse and cut them endlessly. That’s why they create good template tools. Even better, creating a spreadsheet template lets you apply the same conditional formatting to combination data sets. The tips here produce an effect in most spreadsheet toolsso check out our roundup of the Best Spreadsheet Apps for more options, along taking into account some spreadsheet records and extra tutorials.

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There are two ways to make templates in Asana: begin a supplementary project and keep it as a template, or duplicate an existing project. If you go behind the second option, you’ll want to regulate the sections and tasks to create them more generic. For templates, just right of entry an existing project, click the dropdown menu at the top-right of the main window, and select Use as a Template (Copy Project). Asana recommends creating project templates for processes in the same way as five or more stepseither by reusing an antiquated project as a template, or subsequently a other project designed just to be a template. However, for processes later five or fewer steps, you should create task templates. As in imitation of project templates, just grow a other template task, or duplicate an existing task and regulate it. create your templates easy-to-access by creating a template tag. You can mount up it to the capture tasks, later favorite your template tag. Now, every of the tasks tagged template will perform in the works in your left sidebar where you can easily reproduce them subsequently needed.

alert Collab is unorthodox project tool intended for templates. Just open your projects listing, and choose Templates, then click + supplementary Template. The app lets you preset tons of details, correspondingly you can tersely jump into the real put it on bordering times you begin a project. pick which team members you desire to ensue to every bank account of this template, create tasks and task lists (with relative due dates, appropriately they’ll be based upon the morning the project goes live), set expression topics, upload images and files, and add up project notes.

It’s awesome as soon as you’re using an app that supports templates (like all of the options in this roundup), but what nearly gone youre using an app that doesn’t? Thanks to text expanders, you can add together templates in a business of secondsno copying and pasting required. A text increase app lets you set stirring keyboard shortcuts for basically any content you’d like. If you desire to be still more efficient, put up with advantage of macros. Macros are in reality baked-in shortcuts, but they modify depending upon the context. For instance, if you wanted your template to total the current month, day, and year, youd tote up the “date” macro. Then, all era you used that specific template, the text develop app would automatically tug in the precise date. There are along with macros for time, images, and clipboard (whatever you copied last will be pasted in). That’s just a fast intro to text expanders. To learn all you need to become a text expander expert, and to locate extra great text expander tools, check out our text expander guide.

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Fortunately for us, Microsoft provides many hundreds of templates for every of its programs. Note that most of Microsofts templates are online, which means you cannot permission them unless youre connected to the Internet. In Microsoft Word, you can make a template by saving a document as a .dotx file, .dot file, or a .dotm fie (a .dotm file type allows you to enable macros in the file).

The other document contains the styles and formats and perhaps even some text thats ready for you to use or edit. At this point, you performance similar to the document just later you take steps later any supplementary document in Word, though a lot of the formatting and typing has been the end for you. Even even though the template has saved you some time, you yet obsession to save your work! Use the save command and allow your document a proper declare as soon as possible! Editing the document doesnt fine-tune the template.

Free Printable Banner Templates For Word

22 Best DIY Birthday Banner Printable Template - In Free Printable Banner Templates For Word

I would go additional and tell template formatting ended directly (outside of styles) is wicked or cruel. It will confuse the user of your template and create spirit more difficult for him or her. If you are the user of your template, I guess foolish and self-defeating would be a augmented bank account than wicked or cruel. None of these adjectives are ones that I use often or lightly. I think they are commandeer in this situation.

Every Word installation will have a addict Templates wedding album upon installing the software. That is always the location of the usual template. This should be a vary scrap book than the addict Templates photograph album even if on the same computer. For an example of templates meant for placement in Workgroup Folders see at any of the Sample Forms listed under further materials. If it is upon the similar computer as the addict Templates folder, it should be in the book that holds the Templates folder, not in the Templates folder. This collection is normally named “Microsoft Office.” It’s location will correct by bank account of Word as competently as effective System. look the bottom of How to entrance the normal Template for the variations. The addict Templates and Workgroup Templates folders (and their subfolders) are the normal location for document templates. Note that these locations are set initially by the Office Setup program (possibly using network administration policies).

My counsel for workgroup templates in a networked vibes is to save them upon a server and to have the addict login copy/refresh them locally. That is, for individual users, they are stored upon a local drive. If you are looking for Free Printable Banner Templates For Word, you’ve come to the right place. We have some images virtually Free Printable Banner Templates For Word including images, pictures, photos, wallpapers, and more. In these page, we moreover have variety of images available. Such as png, jpg, lively gifs, pic art, logo, black and white, transparent, etc.

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