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By | March 11, 2020

For added than a decade now, 19-year-old Lucy Abernathy has rocked club and anniversary stages with the bluster and aplomb of musicians alert her age.

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Playing Friday night’s calm appearance at The Shed Smokehouse and Juke Joint in Maryville, however, will be an altogether altered experience. For one, her longtime bandmates in her old group, The Pinklets — earlier sister Roxie and adolescent sister Eliza — won’t be by her side. And the two musicians who will — singer-songwriter Josh Smith of the bandage Handsome and the Humbles, and her own father, rocker and songwriter Kevin Abernathy — casting continued shadows.

“It’s intimidating!” she told The Daily Times recently. “I’ve consistently been absolutely assured in my articulate ability, and I’ve put a lot of assignment into that, but I’m not as assured in my songwriting aloof yet. But I’m so aflame and so accustomed to be up there with them, abnormally afterwards COVID and actuality abandoned and not actuality able to comedy shows.

“I fabricated so abounding excuses back it was safe to comedy shows afresh about why I wasn’t activity to do it, mostly because I anticipation I wasn’t ready. But alike if my songs are not as far forth or maybe haven’t accomplished their abounding abeyant yet, aloof accepting a amplitude like The Shed to try out and go for it was acute for me to get out of my abundance area and the balloon I had congenital for myself.”

Free printable middle school report card templates  Canva With Report Card Template Middle School

Given the success alveolate by The Pinklets, Abernathy is added than up to the whatever challenges she may face as a abandoned artist. She and Roxie, three years her senior, started the bandage in 2010, and back their adolescent sister commandeered dad’s bare drumset, she was added to the lineup. At first, they rode their father’s coattails as a change children’s act, but the ancient Abernathy insisted on dispatch abreast and absolution his daughters acquisition their path.

And they did: In 2016, above AC Entertainment CEO Ashley Capps bent their set at the anniversary Knoxville music anniversary Waynestock and was so afflicted he appointed them for the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Over the advance of two albums and a final EP appear aftermost year, they begin a candied atom amid the pop-punk of bands like The Donnas and the indie bedrock of a accumulation like The Breeders, and as a guitarist and singer, the average Abernathy was a force to behold.

Last July, however, they absitively to alarm it quits. Lucy and Roxie now alive in Nashville, and Eliza is a chief in aerial academy because a move to New York to accompany acting. Music, however, is still in the cards, she added.

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“I’ve consistently accepted I appetite to do music, whether it’s with them or added bodies or by myself,” she said. “When The Pinklets aboriginal started, I bethink I would still comedy little things and aptitude shows by myself all the time, but now that I’m earlier and demography this a little added seriously, I would say this is the aboriginal time I’ve anytime ample out what my own appearance is. I’ve been autograph with The Pinklets in apperception for 10 years now, but now I don’t accept that assurance net.”

Discovering her own appearance has been both alarming and revealing, she added. Autograph a song with the abstraction that it will be fleshed out by a abounding bandage is one thing; accomplishing it so that it holds its own with aloof her articulation and guitar is article abroad entirely. Fortunately, she’s got an accomplished role archetypal in her dad, whose as adequate in a songwriter’s annular as he is case off ability chords in a arranged bar.

“He’s my idol, and I’ve consistently been aggressive by watching him accomplish and atom and sing,” she said. “When I was adolescent and arena with The Pinklets, I was aggressive by watching him perform, but now that I’m earlier and added focused, his songwriting has become an absurd inspiration. I accelerate him songs and comedy him my songs, and he’s consistently giving me tips or criticism or aloof auspicious me.

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“There’s no one abroad that I anticipate I would be able to booty that ability from. I don’t anticipate there’s anyone abroad added able to accord that to me than the being who’s been there for every distinct footfall of my evolution.”

Friday night, she’ll be by his ancillary — not as his protege, but as an equal. And while his music career as both a rocker and a songwriter is an ideal arrangement for the adolescent Abernathy, what’s best agitative at the moment is addition out what comes next, she added.

“I still see myself as addition who, long-term, plays with a band, or who at atomic has a bandage up there with me,” she said. “But I do feel like it’s all-important to buck bottomward as a singer-songwriter and aloof be me. If annihilation else, if I don’t accord myself the adventitious to alike try, I’ll never apperceive if that’s what I want.”

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Steve Wildsmith was an editor and biographer for The Daily Times for about 17 years and continues to freelance about news- and entertainment-related topics, bounded performances and East Tennessee artists. Contact him at [email protected].

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Report Card Template Middle School

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