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By | September 4, 2021

This commodity aboriginal ran in Hot Pod, an industry-leading barter newsletter about podcasting by Nick Quah.

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Radio Diaries, the documentary assembly nonprofit best accepted for the audio-diary format, angry 25 in April, which, frankly, is a lifetime aback it comes to a small, lean, absolute media operation. The team, nowadays affiliated with the Radiotopia collective, has been accepting up to a few things to mark the anniversary, including a accumulation of online contest revisiting accomplished diarists as able-bodied as an All Things Considered segment that checks aback in on the show’s aboriginal diarist, Amanda Brand. Added such contest are acceptable to come.

I’ve continued admired Radio Diaries. For one thing, the architecture that is its calling agenda — the first-person account — strikes me as some of the hardest actuality to construct, let abandoned assassinate in accomplishing and absorbing ways, as Radio Diaries consistently does. Of course, that’s not the abandoned architecture that the aggregation engages with, as they accept continued advertisement out into added styles: complete portraits, archival abysmal dives, added accepted actual audio documentaries, all of which allotment the aforementioned throughline of unearthing, preserving, and documenting what the appearance describes as “the amazing acceptance of accustomed life.”

But it’s the audio affidavit that I accumulate advancing aback to best of all whenever I anticipate about this team, in allotment because, well, it’s in the name, but additionally because the first-person account abstraction that it champions is one that continues to feel so abnormally beating with what this audio actuality can do so well: action audiences a absolute window into someone’s close acquaintance of the apple and of their lives.

I got to allege with Joe Richman, the architect and advance ambassador of Radio Diaries, a few weeks ago about the quarter-century milestone. We covered absolutely a bit of ground. Richman, who is now 56, tells me he’s alert about nostalgia, but we looked backwards nevertheless. We talked about how the activity started, the axis of teenagers to the show’s abstraction (a affection that’s abandoned become added absorbing in a time area agenda self-documentation is abundant added present in a teenager’s life), how the appearance has afflicted over the years, how he thinks about the alive audio business, and so on.

I could, maybe, run that babble as a aboveboard Q&A. But I figured, why not pay a slight admiration to the Radio Diaries’ best accustomed style? Here is Richman’s ancillary of our chat, edited, reorganized, and stitched calm in a faux-“As told to” format.


Radio Affidavit began as article I was aloof aggravating out.

If you’ve heard Amanda’s story — Amanda in Queens, she was the actual aboriginal one — it was absolutely activity to be a adventure about her and her sister, how the two were different… but that abstraction fell abroad appealing bound because Amanda’s sister wasn’t interested. Amanda herself was absolutely admirable on tape. So, as a affidavit of concept, I gave her a band recorder, and what she fabricated was so, so good. It acquainted like an agreement that aloof worked. That became the pilot for Teenage Diaries, which was this advancing alternation for NPR aback in ‘96.

The abstraction confused about afterwards that, accretion on the abstraction of diaries. We did a account in a retirement home, a accomplished alternation in prison. We consistently appear aback to teenagers, though. They aloof assignment absolutely able-bodied for this format.

There are lots of affidavit for this. Teenagers accept a lot added time. They’re usually game. But the added important acumen is that they’re in a moment of alteration and analytic in their lives. Teenagers accept this actual advantageous abstraction that aggregate they say is important and interesting. That’s an abundantly important affection for a appearance and a diarist. There are so abounding agency you can apprehend amid the lines; sometimes you accept an capricious narrator, area you apprehend things in what they say that aren’t so absolutely accurate in what they’re saying. Like I mentioned earlier, we did this activity in a retirement home, and that artlessly didn’t assignment in agreement of absolutely actuality audio diaries. There was a abhorrence to allocution about one’s self. Allotment of it is backwardness and inhibitedness, but allotment of it is abasement or whatever it is. It’s aloof adamantine to get the aforementioned affection of account from the retirement home, so I had to supplement that with interviews. They absolutely capital to be asked questions about themselves. Teenagers don’t accept to accept that botheration as much.

Me? That’s a acceptable question. I tend to be added adequate talking about bodies than about myself. [laughs] I’m added adequate allurement questions, and I feel added adequate in my concern about others.

It wasn’t until about ‘99 that Radio Diaries became a non-profit. That was the alpha of me cerebration about this as an organization, so that we could accumulate activity [with] this affectionate of stuff. Until then, I was alive added like a freelancer. Forming an alignment absolutely wasn’t attenuate at the time. There wasn’t a way to abutment this actuality commercially. It had to be through grants, so acceptable a nonprofit was a alive move — not aberrant at all — in adjustment to administer for those.

We’re a little bigger now than we were then, but we’ve consistently been small. I’ve consistently formed with the aforementioned two editors for the accomplished 25 years, Deborah George and Ben Shapiro, who’ve been accidental editors to aggregate we’ve anytime done. Actuality a small, angular non-profit acquainted appropriate in a abstract array of way: bringing in the money to the assignment rather than accomplishing the assignment to accompany in the money. That’s the apple I came out of. The apple of mission-driven media.

There’s no adjustment for architecture an alignment like this, so it’s consistently been a bit of authoritative it up as we go along. Radio Diaries is added like a documentary blur assembly aggregation than annihilation else.

The accuracy is: In some ways, what we do as an alignment doesn’t accomplish sense. We spend a lot of time and assets on ceremony story, and we accept to antithesis two operations at once. We occasionally do these big acceptance for NPR that ability a lot of admirers over broadcast, but we additionally accept a approved podcast that comes out every two weeks. There are agency those two things amplify and abutment ceremony other, but they accept absolutely altered demands. That can be challenging.

As far as the podcast goes, it’s abundant to accept this amphitheater area we can accept our own admirers and the stakes aren’t as high. We can try altered things and booty a little added risk. We could cull aback the blind a bit, or account accession who we did a adventure with years ago and reopen the adventure again. So that’s exciting, to feel like we accept our own show. For so abounding years, it was like we were aloof a content-delivery actuality for NPR.

But there’s additionally something… I adulation that we accept an admirers that comes to our podcast and expects a specific affectionate of story. I additionally adulation aback our acceptance air ancillary by ancillary with the account and ability bodies who were not attractive for it, maybe who don’t appetence it, and maybe who still don’t appetence it afterwards. That feels important to me, abnormally in this apple area we’re added and added abandoned accepting the affectionate of media and agreeable and journalism that we anticipate we want.

Free and customizable death announcement templates  Canva Regarding Death Anniversary Cards Templates

We do lots of altered types of stories, and I anticipate sometimes the bodies who consistently accept to us can change. I apperceive we accept bodies who absolutely adulation our history documentaries. I apperceive we accept bodies who anticipate of us mostly for our diaries. Those are maybe altered kinds of listeners, and in some ways, that may be a disadvantage in agreement of bodies compassionate absolutely who we are and what we do. But I like that you don’t necessarily apperceive what you’re activity to get. I like the abstraction that we can hunt our concern and our interests.

When I attending at the audio apple today, it’s aloof so agitative that there’s so abundant happening. There’s been so abounding abstracts in form, so abundant absorption in agreement of new listeners. There are, you know, jobs now. I advise radio, and for a actual continued time, I’d attending at all these accomplished bodies acquirements this craft, and it’s like, “Well, what are you activity to do afterwards this?” It acquainted sad. Now there’s jobs for people, which is good.

But it does feel like… well, to be honest, I accumulate one ear accessible to the business ancillary of the world, and I accumulate one ear closed, deliberately. I don’t apperceive if I feel this because there’s been so abundant alliance recently, but I do feel it may be harder for babyish operations like Radio Diaries and babyish producer-driven networks like Radiotopia to absolutely survive and acquisition their place. There’s consistently been that tension, of course, but I anticipate that may be accident added and added in the podcast world.

I mostly feel advantageous that the anatomy we accept for Radio Diaries, actuality a non-profit block grants and all that, that we get to do acceptance the way we appetence to. I’m beholden that I’m not beneath some bartering burden that would abuse the affluence of activity like you can do acceptance absolutely the way you appetence to do them.

A few years ago, I would accept said it was easier to be independent. There were aloof so abounding added opportunities and so abundant added new appeal for content. And that’s still true. There’s an clamorous charge for acceptable stories. Whether you’re a contributor or a babyish assembly aggregation or whatever it is, if you aftermath acceptable content, there’s demand. There’s a charge for it.

Being absolute is fucking hard. It’s beneath adamantine than it acclimated to be, but it’s still actual hard. And I anticipate absolute journalism is absolutely important. Absolute annihilation is absolutely important, because the actual best things appear from bodies who affliction a lot and put a lot of their own diaphoresis into it, and who accord a bits and put a lot of adulation into whatever they’re doing. Whether it’s a podcast or a restaurant or accession who invented a new umbrella, I abutment absolute creators. The more, the better.

Turning 25 absolutely feels affectionate of complicated. In a way, adaptation as an absolute media alignment is some admeasurement on its own. For me, as we were abutting this milestone, I was activity abashed of nostalgia, of attractive aback too abundant at what we’ve done. Because of what we do — whether it’s journalism or storytelling or whatever you’d appetence to alarm it — you don’t appetence to feel like you’re accomplishing the aforementioned affair over and over again.

Luckily, it’s been a year of growth. We’ve added new producers. It feels like we’re branch in some agitative new directions. I feel acceptable that I’m not attractive at 25 years and activity like an old dinosaur.

I accept article in me that’s both a accident and an advantage, in that every adventure feels like I accept to apprentice how to do things all over again. That makes for a lot of anxiety, of course, but there’s article abundant about that, too. It’s actuality able to accompany a bit of a beginner’s apperception to every project.

I appetence I could say that the action gets easier. It should, but it doesn’t. Ceremony adventure has its own challenges, and afterwards 25 years, I feel bigger able to apperceive what makes a acceptable story, whether accession will be a acceptable cheat or article like that. But as far as putting the adventure calm and alignment it and authoritative it good, no amount what, it’s consistently aloof hard. Added years doesn’t consistently accomplish things easier, but it does accord you a little added acceptance that you can assurance the process. As shitty as it ability feel in the moment, you aloof apperceive that if you accumulate active away, it’s activity to get there. And that, actually, feels absolutely useful. It feels important.

We’ve been accomplishing these online contest [for the twenty-fifth anniversary] area we revisit old diarists, and gosh, there is article about… To do these aftereffect interviews this year with bodies I’ve done acceptance with 25 years ago, it’s absolutely emotional. I accept kids, and one affair accepting kids does is that it gives you a congenital agenda in your life. You can’t advice but mark the years and the seasons and see time go by, and go by fast. That’s one of the things that this year, activity aback to these aboriginal boyish affidavit and accomplishing these updates, has fabricated me feel, too. Time is a one-way street.

I’ve never been accession who’s been able to attending accomplished a year or two, so the abstraction of attractive bristles or 10 years advanced is difficult for me. I don’t apperceive about the future. What I’m attractive advanced to in the abutting brace of years is that, with this new team, that Radio Diaries will become beneath of me, frankly. We accept new producers who are activity to banner their new styles, their own interests, their own curiosities on the acceptance and the podcast. Radio Diaries started out as me alive as a freelance anchorman and producer. It’s developed a bit, and I achievement it starts to booty on alike added activity on its own, and alpha to booty on the choir and interests of the bodies who are allotment of it.

In the old days, I acclimated to anticipate about, like, what abroad do I appetence to do? Do I appetence to do a blur documentary? Do I appetence to do a book? Now I think, “Why would I do annihilation else?” The admirers is amazing. There’s annihilation bigger than this anatomy of storytelling to me in agreement of all-encompassing a advanced audience, all-encompassing bodies acutely and emotionally. If there’s one affair that’s afflicted over 25 years, it’s that I accept beneath of an appetence to do added things, because what I’m accomplishing feels like absolutely what I should be doing.


You can acquisition the Radio Diaries website here. Its best contempo absolution is a affiliation with Radiolab, “The Rise and Fall of Black Swan Records,” which is best captivated in bike with the closing podcast’s accepted on-going miniseries, The Vanishing of Harry Pace.

Bloomberg aboriginal appear the hire, acquainted that her assignment will be allotment of the company’s exhausted and publishing team.

Eaton joins from Apple, area she was Head of Agreeable at Apple Podcasts at a time aback that analysis — which primarily exists in the podcast ecosystem as a ascendant administration belvedere — has been dipping added into aboriginal programming, bearing projects like The Line and For All Mankind: The Official Podcast that serve either as business or accompaniment pieces to the aboriginal media articles created by Apple’s added media businesses, like Apple TV . She captivated that role for about a year, and afore that, Eaton spent four years at NPR, her aftermost appellation there actuality the Senior Manager of Program Acquisitions.

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Given the ambience about Eaton’s assignment at Apple, forth with the actuality that Netflix’s exhausted and publishing aggregation is anchored aural the company’s business division, it’s accustomed to accept that we should apprehend a agnate marketing/companion affection to the audio projects that will now be developed beneath Eaton’s tenure. An expansion, perhaps, of what has already been accident with account to Netflix and podcasts for a few years now.

Then again, the adventure of Netflix is in some alteration appropriate now. Amid the competitive calefaction of the alive wars and contempo account suggesting that the aggregation is potentially absorbed in advisedly advancing accession curve of business (see: video games, commerce), there’s a actual absolute catechism of aloof how adamantine Netflix will advance abroad from actuality perceived as aloof the arch video alive belvedere appear acceptable a broader ball publisher… with aggregate that entails.

➽  City Cast to hit added cities. Four months afterwards ablution in Chicago and Denver, David Plotz’s local-news podcast-plus-newsletter venture is planning to aggrandize to eight new markets.

According to the advertisement cavalcade appear yesterday, the new cities are: Boise (ey!), Houston, Las Vegas, Nashville, Oakland, Omaha/Lincoln, Pittsburgh, and Salt Lake City.

“Seeing auspicious admirers response to both City Cast Chicago and City Cast Denver, we’re affective apace to abound our network,” wrote Plotz in the post. “We chose these cities for their active faculty of community, their pride of place, and their avid appetence for account and podcasts. We couldn’t be added aflame to alpha architecture City Casts in these new markets.”

He additionally addendum that the aggregation is gluttonous to ample jobs in all those cities, which you can find here. In case you charge a refresher on what City Cast is, hit up my cavalcade from October.

I, for one, am aflame to see that my city’s accepting accession account outlet. Shout-out to ~middle America~ baby.

➽ TED forms a affiliation with Clubhouse. Announced over the weekend, here’s how the agnate columnist absolution describes the programming adjustment complex in this partnership:

Beginning Monday, July 12, TED will host a alternation of apartment via their official Clubhouse Club. They will appear the programming with Thank Your Ass Off, a account allowance hosted by New York Times bestselling columnist and accepted TED apostle A.J. Jacobs and artistic architect and acclaimed Clubhouse architect Mir Harris. The allowance builds aloft an abstraction shared in a TED Talk and book by Jacobs, and invites notable guests and the Clubhouse association to appear calm to “thank the unsung heroes of our lives.” Additional apartment for the summer and above will be appear in the weeks ahead.

According to Engadget, TED is chargeless to advertise ads and sponsorships for these alive Clubhouse adventures themselves, and the belvedere will not booty a cut from those sales. (Which, as always, continues to accession the catechism of aloof what absolutely Clubhouse’s business archetypal will eventually be.)

Anyway, in case you charge the primer: TED is the “ideas account sharing” that was already aloof a arrangement and has aback acquired into a broader media company, complete with a able-bodied audio analysis that publishes accepted audio backdrop like TED Radio Hour and TED Talks Daily. (Also, a meme. As in, “The new Gossip Girl should be set in Los Angeles. Welcome to my TED talk.”) This Clubhouse bearings is declared as TED’s aboriginal social-audio partnership.

This advertisement additionally comes amid reports that Clubhouse downloads surged in June, a development that’s actuality abundantly attributed to the uptick in all-around downloads spurred by the absolution of the startup’s Android app, and which seems to blade the growing anecdotal that accretion antagonism aural the amusing audio space has maybe acutely impeded Clubhouse’s abiding prospects.

Another point of ambience account noting: Clubhouse seems to be blame added into the brand-programming-partnership lane in accession to its efforts cultivating built-in talent. The aggregation had previously announced a programming affiliation with the NFL in April.

➽ Meanwhile… from Rest of World: “Jordan’s government acclimated secretly recorded Clubhouse audio to advance disinformation.”

➽ Live podcast shows appear to be revving aback up from the pandemic. In the United States, at least. Maybe alike in the U.K. to some extent, which captivated this year’s British Podcast Awards over the weekend. (Tough exhausted at the Euros, fellas. Maybe abutting time.)

The Aftermost Podcast on the Left has announced a tour that starts abutting month, admitting they had already played a appearance at Red Rocks in June. Welcome to Night Vale recently appear 2022 bout dates. The Smartless guys are staging a alive appearance tour next February, with tickets activity alive afterwards this week. Mission to Zyxx is arena the Bell House in Brooklyn in October, and has already awash out its aboriginal run of tickets. I’m audition that Criminal is planning a adequately all-encompassing bout starting abutting April. Switched on Pop will be hosting a alive taping in Manhattan afterwards this week.

A actual rough, breezy tally, of course, and I’m abiding there’s abounding more, but the point is: it’s safe to say the alive podcast agent is up and active again.

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➽  Accession I apperceive regarded this Leandra Medine on The Cutting Allowance Floor situation the aboriginal absolutely viral podcast episode. I’m absorbed to agree.

By Aria Bracci

Where was the aboriginal abode you went afterwards accepting vaccinated? Mine was a boom shop.

It was a flat I’d been to before, and my arrangement was with Aubrey Mennella, the tattooer who had done my antecedent piece, so I had advancing it would be a accustomed experience. This time, though, there was article fundamentally different. There were the anew installed Plexiglass barriers that jutted up amid workstations, of course. But also, throughout our absolute six-hour session, Mennella wasn’t cutting headphones.

Before COVID, Mennella would acquisition an audiobook that’d been ripped to YouTube and aloof let it run the continuance of a session, with the story, usually a affair novel, active forth in the accomplishments of the iPad that displayed the architecture she was alive on. But afterwards over a year of seeing so few people, she adopted to booty in the sounds of the boutique instead. Aback I asked, she told me that it didn’t alike feel all-important to be talking to the bodies about her. Aloof audition their voices, acknowledging their adjacent presence, was enough.

Mennella is but a distinct individual, but to me, her about-face in preferences seemed to arresting article bigger. For one, it accumbent with what seems to be the broader trend of post-pandemic agenda fatigue. (See: what some are calling “analog summer.”) And second, it seemed bright to me that tattooers were abnormally positioned to mirror — maybe alike adumbrate — above trends that chronicle to audio consumption, because how abounding of them, and how often, are alert to article while they work.

Tattooing is an affectionate practice, aerial over a person’s anatomy for sometimes hours at a time, during which, I’d say, you’d be absolved for cranking up the music and opting out of babyish talk. External ball during a affair (which affectionate of has to be auditory, not so abundant for tattooee as for tattooer, lest it abstract them) can in actuality do bifold duty, both casual the time and dehydration amateurishness that may appear from such closeness. In my impression, alike if the boom accoutrements were to somehow be quieted, the action of application them would not — could not — be a bashful one. Sometimes the amplitude is abounding with attempts at allusive conversation, and, alike then, it’s generally abounding with music, too.

Employees have historically listened to music while working, and today, of course, the convenance additionally extends to podcasts and books. In quiet offices, it’s absurd that such leisure alert will be accident out loud, instead actuality funnelled beeline into aerial from claimed devices. In the disorderly ambience of a boom shop, however, there’s usually a aggregate of open-air and claimed listening, alike admitting administration a buzz or book takes added anticipation aback you’re about creating an accessible anguish on someone’s body. I’ve been told on assorted occasions that for tattooers who do opt for aloof alert during a session, it can be about like a brainwork — and one assumes it’s a appealing important one, because the accident and sanitation measures they abide to do it.

Logan Landolt, who works at TRX Tattoos & Piercings in St. Louis, Missouri, and considers himself a decidedly aseptic tattooer, knows the struggle.

“I’ve got this awe-inspiring acceptance that whenever I’m tattooing accession and I say, ‘Hey, pal’ or ‘buddy’ or ‘friend,’” he pauses, afterwards exaggerating the aboriginal letter of ceremony word, “chances are I’m spitting on your tattoo, and I anticipate that’s appealing abuse gross.” So, he says, “first and foremost, I accept consistently beat a affectation aback I tattooed.” Also, accession abiding tattooing practice, cutting gloves, agency that if Landolt were to adjudge that a song currently arena on his buzz wasn’t absolutely the vibe, in adjustment to change it, he’d accept to booty off a cuff aloof to tap the buzz screen, afresh shimmy that cuff aback on or abroad get a accomplished new one. For that reason, you wouldn’t bolt accession like Landolt with earbuds in during a session, alike afore the pandemic. That’s not abandoned because of the hassle, but because of his personality: “I like alert to bodies talk,” he says.

Landolt’s aboriginal best for amusing dispatch is consistently a real-time chat, a affair he appreciates accepting to appoint in so generally in his profession, but aback he does acquisition himself alone, he turns to podcasts or YouTube series, accurately ones that simulate sociability. “Whenever I’m at my computer, whether I’m answering emails or cartoon for a client, I’ll accept somebody talking in the background,” he says, adding, “really big fan of The Mega64 Podcast,” which serves as a array of proxy for the chattiness Landolt has been accepted to hunt during the added genitalia of his day. “I advance off of that amusing alternation aback I’m giving a tattoo,” he says. “It’s been an advancing thing, as far as I can remember.”

But aback Landolt and I were discussing tattooing and alert habits in the ambience of the pandemic, he absolved aback this appraisal of his own assignment appearance aback he anticipation added acutely about it. “I mentioned I’ve consistently affectionate of thrived on chump interaction, but I anticipate I might’ve downplayed that a little bit appear the alpha of my career,” he says.

In added words, he was added like the Mennella I knew in 2019 than the Mennella I apperceive now. “Post-COVID, I’m abased on that animal alternation added than ever,” Landolt says. And this sentiment, above actuality so acutely mirrored in Mennella’s alert habits, has additionally taken a accurate anatomy in those of Landolt’s colleagues. Peeking into TRX now, “we’ve been arena music a little quieter than we commonly have,” says Landolt. “Everyone aloof wants to allocution to people.”

If tattooers aren’t defining this new affiliate by accretion their socializing, they ability be gluttonous alleviation in added agency that absorb the ear, aloof as non-tattooers may be; one charge not carefully canal the iPad in barter for eavesdropping. “Personally, I acclimated to accept to a lot of podcasts that were account related,” says Jennifer Bohlander, buyer and tattooer at Matryoshka Tattoo in Topeka, Kansas. “Now I adopt authentic crap-slash-fluff, as aloof accomplishments noise.”

Tattooers, they’re aloof like us. Pre-pandemic, I commonly acquainted in to NPR or The Daily every morning, anon afterwards alive up. But a few months (or weeks?) into lockdown, I bare to change how — and how aboriginal — I ingested the news. And alike then, afterwards opting for a newsletter, which I advised the gentlest-possible agency of accepting circadian updates, I still squinted my eyes or captivated my duke up to my laptop awning to abstain seeing the allotment of the email that tallied the afterlife count.

I’m carefully a written-news gal now, alike admitting those emails attending altered than they did a year ago. So do the places I acquisition myself spending time: This weekend, I’ll be seeing Mennella again.

I admiration if her headphones will accomplish a reappearance, and, if they don’t, what we ability allocution about for the hours on end we’ll absorb together. Aback I met with her aback in May, the anticipation of all that one-on-one time — some of the aboriginal I was slated to accept with anyone in a long, continued while — was daunting, and I downloaded a ton of podcasts for what I accepted to be a awe-inspiring day. But I abandoned concluded up alert to one, and abandoned because my close eventually started to bake from accepting faced her for so continued from a stomach-down position.

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Other than that, alike I was unplugged. We had so abundant to say.

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