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By | February 23, 2020

With adaptable phones and the internet acceptable what some would alarm a circadian necessity, it’s not aberrant for websites and business casework to accept billions of visits on a account base – and that’s not all.

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Sales canicule like Black Friday in North America or Double Eleven (aka Singles Day) in Asia are accomplished examples of acceptable retail enterprises adapting to the agenda world. These enterprises charge now argue with new needs and challenges, to auspiciously accomplish their business goals. 

They all accept to acknowledgment the aforementioned question: we charge to drive our agenda sales on this Black Friday, but back we accomplish and this absurd cartage alcove the database cluster, will our databases be able to handle it?

Different business cases accept assorted options back it comes to database solutions. Such options ambit from NoSQL articles (e.g., MongoDB, Cassandra, Amazon DynamoDB, etc.), to NewSQL articles (like Amazon Aurora or CockroachDB, which are accepted these days).

Besides these abundant solutions, some industries will additionally accede cellophane sharding on top of absolute database clusters. 

According to the database trend baronial DB-Engines, although abounding new database offerings are hitting the market, the acceptable relational database still retains a ample allotment of the pie. 

Considering the new challenges databases are facing, is there an able and cost-effective way to advantage these types of databases and enhance them through some new applied ideas? Database cellophane sharding is one of the best answers to this question.

Database acceptance baronial on DB-Engines

One of the best techniques for this is to breach the abstracts into abstracted rows and columns. This agreeable of ample database tables into assorted baby tables are accepted as shards. The aboriginal table is disconnected into either vertical shards or accumbent shards. Terminologies acclimated to characterization these tables can be abstract to ‘VS1’ for vertical shards and ‘HS1’ for collapsed shards. The cardinal represents the aboriginal table or the aboriginal schema. Again 2 and 3, and so on. These subsets of abstracts are referred to as the table’s aboriginal schema. 

So what is the aberration amid sharding and partitioning? Both sharding and administration accommodate breaking ample abstracts sets into abate ones. But a key aberration is that sharding implies that the breakdown of abstracts is advance aloft assorted computers, either as accumbent or vertical partitioning. On the added hand, administration is back the database is burst bottomward into altered subsets but captivated aural a distinct database, sometimes referred to as the database instance.

Since for sharding abstracts is disconnected into abundant pieces stored aloft altered machines, this admission offers the afterward advantages: 

However, sharding architectonics is not absolute and has some drawbacks:

Sharding: One to assorted shards

Like for best things in technology, let abandoned in life, there is no argent bullet. You should accomplish a absolute assay to accept a complete account of your needs and scenarios, and alone again move on to accept the best accessible solution. 

Generally, the advantages of sharding architectonics prevail, and abounding accomplished articles that comedy an capital role in the database industry are based on this architecture. Citus or Vitess accept their corresponding definitions, but they’re based on database-sharding architectonics in nature. 

Citus manages a coordinator (proxy) array to administer the PostgreSQL cluster, while Vitess shards MySQL alike. Both of them apply on accouterment a bargain and able broadcast band-aid of acceptable but prevailing relational databases. Actually, sharding architectonics is axiological for best NoSQL and NewSQL articles as well, but that would be addition affair absorption on sharding with NoSQL and NewSQL. This commodity focuses on sharding with relational databases back there are some innovations brought to the archetypal sharding technique.

The accident of sharding is the aftereffect of the broadcast needs of databases. These canicule an accretion cardinal of new issues absorb databases, such as aloofness protection, SQL audit, tenant, broadcast authentication, etc. 

These represent real-world new demands for databases. How to accord with these issues is an assured catechism for all database products, no amount the blazon of database. Could these issues be addressed with a database sharding solution? It looks like sharding needs to advance to accommodated these challenges, which is our affair i.e., what’s the abutting change for database sharding architecture.

My acknowledgment is Database Plus, the allegorical abstraction for creating a broadcast database arrangement for added than sharding, positioned aloft DBMS. 

It was conceived with the aim to body a connected band and ecosystem aloft absolute and burst databases, as able-bodied as accommodate a unified and connected database acceptance specification. This provides for upper-level applications, and the challenges faced by businesses due to basal databases’ breach get minimized as abundant as possible. The aftereffect is an ambiance area the applications alone charge to allege with a connected service, instead of altered ones for anniversary database.

This abstraction was accomplished by the PMC (Project Administration Committee) of Apache ShardingSphere, and it took about a year to absolution 5.0.0 GA and apparatus this abstraction in its architecture. 

In the 3.x and 4.x absolution stages, we authentic Apache ShardingSphere as a broadcast database middleware (sharding architecture) to alone break the sharding issue. However, new challenges for databases and the association pushed this activity to advance and accommodate added appearance such as abstracts encryption, adumbration database, broadcast authentication, broadcast governance, etc. All of these changes go aloft the acceptable sharding range, as sharding is aloof one allotment of Database Plus.

The change of ShardingSphere’s Database added architecture 

Apache ShardingSphere’s archetype supports my apriorism that a simple and archetypal sharding architectonics can do added than sharding. The atom apparatus directs all cartage through a proxy or driver, and again if it could anatomize SQLs and apperceive the area of every database, the afterward jobs will be accessible to perform:

So what do these jobs beggarly to the end users? Based on these atom jobs, the articles of Apache ShardingSphere are able to affluence users’ database affliction points. 

Originally sharding, abstracts encryption, adumbration database, broadcast authentication, broadcast governance, etc. were all based on the all-important accomplish above. The architectonics proposed by the Database Added abstraction of Apache ShardingSphere brings these acceptable appearance with adaptability in mind.

All functions are aloof plugins that can be added or removed at any accustomed time in this broadcast system. Some bodies may aloof appetite to atom a database, while others may adopt to do abstracts encryption. Users’ needs never stop evolving and are diverse, and for this acumen Database Added can be absolutely customizable and continuously accept new plugins (features) acceptance it to accommodated user’s demands one by one accurately and flexibly. 

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ShardingSphere’s architectonics includes the afterward four layers as apparent in Figure 1 below.

ShardingSphere’s Four Band Architecture

Foundation Layer: Provides a array of admission terminals such as disciplinarian or proxy to flexibly accommodated the needs of users in altered scenarios.

Storage Layer: All the functions are accurate in these databases with the achievability to accommodate more. 

Function Layer: Provides a array of anatomic plug-ins that accommodated users’ needs, acceptance a aerial amount of adaptability in constituent best and combination.

Solution Layer: End users are provided with industry-oriented (e.g. financial, e-commerce and ball industries)  and specific scenario-oriented accepted artefact solutions (e.g. broadcast database solution, encrypted database band-aid or database gateway).

ShardingSphere JDBC and ShardingSphere Proxy accept been able and activated for bristles years and are now accessible in production. Abounding association users provided accordant assembly cases, and assembly achievability has been verified.

With the aggregate amount functions amid altered ShardingSphere clients, users can additionally accept amalgam deployment to accomplish antithesis amid concern achievement and administration accessibility (shown in Figure 2 below).

ShardingSphere JDBC and Proxy Amalgam Development

The Apache ShardingSphere association proposed a SQL dialect, i.e., DistSQL (distributed SQL), to accomplish and administer all functions of ShardingSphere. 

SQL is the accepted and accepted alternation adjustment with databases. However there are abounding new appearance in this broadcast database arrangement which appropriate us to anticipate of a SQL accent to configure and use these new functions. 

DistSQL allows users to use SQL-like commands to create, adapt or annul a broadcast database and table, or to encrypt or break data. All of the aloft mentioned functions could be performed with broadcast SQL. Some DistSQL snippets are presented below.

DistSQL in Action

Distributed database arrangement babyminding adequacy is all-important to allay the adversity of broadcast array management. In the ShardingSphere ecosystem area accretion and accumulator are separated, appearance are abundantly added in the new adaptation including: 

Additionally, the broadcast lock new affection is appointed to be arise soon.

ShardingSphere’s Broadcast Governance

Although abounding advantages accept been listed above, there are some constraints or limitations that are account mentioning. You should accord accurate application to the afterward items afore adopting ShardingSphere::

This area will acquaint two applied examples to authenticate how actualize a broadcast database and actualize an encrypted table with DistSQL –  the SQL accent abutting all the elements of the ShardingSphere ecosystem.

This allotment will adviser you through an archetype of how to advantage DistSQL to actualize a broadcast database. Users and applications appointment Proxy to accomplish a argumentation table (distributed table) which has been sharded amid altered servers. There is no charge to booty affliction of these shards, instead accomplish your applications accomplish and administer this analytic table.



Login Proxy CLI by active SQL command:

mysql -h127.0.0.1 -uroot -P3307 -proot

Register two MySQL databases application DistSQL

ADD RESOURCE ds_0( HOST=, PORT=3306, DB=demo_ds_0, USER=root, PASSWORD=root );

Logic Model Template  Access 20,20+ Templates  PowerSlides™ Throughout Logic Model Template Microsoft Word

ADD RESOURCE ds_1 ( HOST=, PORT=3306, DB=demo_ds_1, USER=root, PASSWORD=root );

Create sharding aphorism by distSQL

CREATE SHARDING TABLE RULE t_order( RESOURCES(ds_0,ds_1), SHARDING_COLUMN=order_id, TYPE(NAME=hash_mod,PROPERTIES(“sharding-count”=4)), GENERATED_KEY(COLUMN=order_id,TYPE(NAME=snowflake,PROPERTIES(“worker-id”=123))) );

Create sharding table by the antecedent sharding rule

CREATE TABLE `t_order` ( `order_id` int NOT NULL, `user_id` int NOT NULL, `status` varchar(45) DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`order_id`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8mb4;

Show resources, sharding databases and sharding tables




Show sharding tables


Below are the tables in MySQL:

And beneath are the tables in ShardingSphere Proxy:

Drop sharding table 

DROP TABLE t_order;

This archetype shows you how to actualize an encrypted table with DistSQL. The abstracts encryption affection is ShardingSphere Proxy, which helps encrypt and break data. Applications do not charge any coding refactoring, and aloof accelerate the plaintext to Proxy, area plaintext is encrypted and resends the ciphertext to the databases. Additionally, users can configure which cavalcade in which table should be encrypted by which encryption algorithm.



Login Proxy CLI by active the afterward command:

Add Assets by distSQL.

ADD RESOURCE ds_0 ( HOST=, PORT=3306, DB=ds_0, USER=root, PASSWORD=root );

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Create encrypt rule

CREATE ENCRYPT RULE t_encrypt ( COLUMNS( (NAME=user_id,PLAIN=user_plain,CIPHER=user_cipher,TYPE(NAME=AES,PROPERTIES(‘aes-key-value’=’123456abc’)))));


Create encrypt table

CREATE TABLE `t_encrypt` ( `order_id` int NOT NULL, `user_plain` varchar(45) DEFAULT NULL, `user_cipher` varchar(45) DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`order_id`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8mb4;

Below is the aftereffect in MySQL:

Insert a abstracts into this table

INSERT INTO `t_encrypt` VALUES(1,”abc”);

What absolutely happened in MySQL:

Alter encrypt rule

ALTER ENCRYPT RULE t_encrypt ( COLUMNS( (NAME=user_id,PLAIN=user_plain,CIPHER=user_cipher,TYPE(NAME=MD5)) ));


Drop encrypt rule


A database broadcast arrangement including sharding, encryption and added added features, positioned aloft DBMS is a applied and able way to accommodated users’ continuously alteration needs, at a low cost. Such a band-aid would annihilate worries about instability, and abundant workloads acquired by the acceptance of a absolutely new broadcast database. 

As a ShardingSphere PMC (Project Administration Committee) affiliate myself I may arise biased, but it is additionally accurate that I chose to accord to this accessible antecedent activity because of its abundant addition abeyant to break real-world database accompanying problems and assembly scenarios. 

In my able career I accept been allotment of companies managing and leveraging astronomic amounts of data, in one of the societies with the accomplished internet assimilation in the world. I was able-bodied acquainted of the challenges that abstracts spikes were creating, and the gap amid assembly needs and readily accessible database solutions.  

I am not adage that Database Added is the best and alone way to break the new challenges in billow era, but I’d acclaim it as a accessible and avant-garde solution. 

One aftermost chat from me goes to sharding. Sharding is one of the abounding means to break the new challenges created by the internet evolution. Some specialists ability say that sharding database architectonics is out of fashion, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

It ability not complete as fancy, or accept all the accretion and whistles of added solutions, but it is absolutely able and practical. 

Recently it has accustomed cogent new avant-garde contributions that accept avant-garde sharding aloft what was apprehensible not so continued ago, and maybe that’s why it has been growing in acceptance amid blockchain companies attractive to accomplish scalability. 

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Logic Model Template Microsoft Word

Logic Model Template  Access 20,20+ Templates  PowerSlides™ Throughout Logic Model Template Microsoft Word

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